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Author Topic: New Road Street walkers making a comeback?  (Read 656 times)

Are the infamous New Road Chatham Street walkers making a comeback? I heard the area used to be well known for it in the past but I have noticed single women and sometimes 2 women milling around late at night.

The other night I was coming back very late heading down new road, it's like after 1am and I see a woman standing in a skirt and jacket at a junction. Her fixed look as I drove past made think she's on the game.

Anyone knowing activities are picking up again?

No, but I'd be lieing if said I wasn't curious about it.

No, but I'd be lieing if said I wasn't curious about it.
Was fun in the old days, wouldn't do it now, as JRC said the good ones don't do it on the street anymore.

Offline acnelanka

Everyday after 8pm , you can spot couple of street workers exactly at the T junction where Argyle road meets Oxford Road in Reading RG1 , in front of the petrol station. Sometime I have seen couple of new comers and they are relatively attractive. Although I have observed around dozen of various girls,most of them are below average. Once spotted very sexy ladyboy type girl when the Reading festival was there, but she was approached by a vehicle before I made up my mind.
Banning reason: Undesirable

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