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Author Topic: Jenna Highland - avoid  (Read 693 times)

Offline JackLad

https://www.adultwork.com/3196857 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jenna+Highland

For months I've been trying to find my next punt, fucking hate being so picky. Anyway, new profile above popped up, gave the number a call as her profile states she has a "sultry English accent" - right up my street that!

Female picked up, was instantly suspicious at "hello", asked if I was speaking to Jenna, and was told that I was in a thick Eastern European accent. Let's be honest, presumably Romanian. Phone down, back to square one. Photos looks good too.

Was willing to take one for the team if she was English, but leaving this as a warning for anyone who doesn't always make phone contact with a girl first.

Offline mr small

Have experienced the same thing a number of times in recent months  :dash:

Offline mavgoose

Yep. Phoned her. Admitted she was Romanian.

Ok doll. I'll call you later.....


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