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Author Topic: Syriee - Birmingham  (Read 1020 times)

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I met this girl during the summer and I have noticed that there is very little info on here about her so will post a little review of my experience. I was looking for an indian girl and this one happened to advertise squirting and D/T.  I used to have a g/f that was a squirter but I had not had the experience with a WG , D/T would also be new to me although I'm not really a fan but it was a bucket list item.
I had previously seen her profile when she was doing outcalls only and the occasional hotel meet so decided to arrange a meet now she had an incall apartment. I arranged an hours meet and was given her postcode and made my way there. It was in the city centre near sherbourne wharf /morville st. I arrived on time and was told to buzz her number. This is where things went pear shaped for me , and I mean my fault nothing to do with her, I got into the building without using the buzzer ( and without me knowing the wrong entrance) so when I eventually found her door and knocked no answer, then I thought I was in the wrong building and went back to the street and started over again after talking to her. All this took time and when I eventually got to her  she could only give me 30 minutes as she was finishing. I agreed to this so a rare half hour meet for me.
 As for her , well , facially just about o.k. and her profile size is 12 and I would say that at the very least, if you look at the picture on her profile page with her legs crossed you can judge what her size is by her legs. personality wise she was very friendly and I cannot fault her attitude.
O.K. only 30 minutes so I explained what I wanted and she was happy to oblige.  DFK and then dangled her boobs in my face and I got to suck her big nipples, they were a bit droopy though and also she showed me a mark on them where a punter had bitten her (the bastard)  Then number 1 ticked off when she took my whole length in her mouth and bobbed up and down and then number 2 ticked off when she knelt down and asked me to finger fuck her while she rubbed herself, she squirted with my fingers inside her and left a nice puddle on the bedsheets!   
 After that sex in a few positions and a nice HJ to finish , then I was on my way, 2 off the list in 30 minutes   :P

3 review(s) found for Syriee linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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