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Author Topic: DELUXE TANYA, Harrow  (Read 2512 times)

18 review(s) for @DELUXE TANYA@ (12 positive, 6 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Kaluuu276

I saw this lady in Harrow near the shopping centre.

Tried half hour for £50 and got owo, 69 and protected sex.
She used to work elsewhere as Tanya Babe then took a long holiday.

Her place was tidy, large room with a good bed.
She was pretty a definate size 6, small breast but good nipples to suck , flat stomach and very tight pussy.

I had some light kissing, then tasted her sweet pussy for ages, had owo and finished in cowgirl.

The reason for a neutral was that her oral was with both hands, not deep and she never climaxed when getting oral.
For me the next time would be for 15mins as fucking her tight pussy feels great.


18 review(s) found for @DELUXE TANYA@ linked to in above post (12 positive, 6 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline 4by4

I've been interested in her for a while now and was almost in a position to see her before she went away the last time. Your comment about her being a genuine size 6 and her nipples being a good size has tipped over to wanting to see her now. So as they say... I'm in! Thanks

Offline Cunning Punt

Yes, her kissing is light and she does try to use her hands during BJ.

I told her to stop using her hands and, in fairness she did, by and large.

Also, I did manage to give her an orgasm during oral. However, it can take a bit more work, bearing in mind prossies are having sex several times a day, and the girl relaxes a bit more in a hour booking which is why I usually try to book an hour punt with a girl

To be honest, at £70 an hour with Tanya, it's no-brainer for me. Only £20 more than half-hour and £30 more than 15mins.

Offline Jackjizzy

Banning reason: Previously banned (Josh Smith, G2c83, sudzy)

Offline James999

Look at the fucking chin on it  :sarcastic:

Offline nova80

Hey lads,
on her site she saying she is doing A level. Has anyone tried it? Is she doing it or she will say something why is she "not doing it at the moment". Or "it is too big".... Any experience?

Offline Daveangel

Look at the fucking chin on it  :sarcastic:
I wonder as you come in she says
"Nice to see you,to see you...NICE!!"
Maybe when you leave she says
"Good game,good game"

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