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Author Topic: Party Alessya Hot - London  (Read 1182 times)

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Party Alyessa Hot

Time: 30 min
Price: £70


Background: Was at a loose end in the Bayswater area but was finding it hard to arrange a nearby punt. It was late, 2am-ish.

Comms: Usual call for road, call again for flat number. Easy.

Locale: On one of the side streets near Bayswater Road. Flat in a small estate. Have to walk along a open balcony area when inside to reach her door. Neighbor knows what's up. Shouted from their window "last one tonight?" at me as I walked past on my way home, lol. I was being quiet, especially given the time. Bigger place than expected inside. Clean, with reasonable bath/shower available. Felt safe.

Appearance: Facially as pics, slightly above average looks, darker skinned Romainian. Big unit. BBW body-type for sure. Big full tits and a huge bum. Huge, guys. Being into BBWs, couldn't believe my luck, heh. Her waist does go in some, so she's not a huge block, which I don't like. If you're into tits ass and thighs from a BBW, body wise she delivers. Obviously a belly too, but was simply round and not flabby-nasty. Was wearing a nice black, lace slip.

Attitude: Friendly, offered a shower and drink (water) from the off. Received my complement on her appearance well (she'd asked why I was staring - didn't think I was). Was happy to move positions when asked. Conversational English, friendly but not especially warm - no GFE here, but not a "Romainian Nightmare" either.

Service: Nothing out of the norm. Got a covered BJ (I was too tired at the time to remember requesting BBBJ), OK nothing special. She happily sat on face, well hovered above slightly. Probably didn't want to break me by applying her weight down. :P Was fairly responsive to my actions down there. Was fresh.
She went on top, into mish and then doggy. Her big bum looked great from behind. She was amiable throughout but wasn't especially proactive. Finished across her bum  ;) Accidentally lashed the side wall with it. She was unhappy at that  :D. Had a next booking straight after it seems (back-to-back bookings maybe a thing here, but wasn't rushed during).

All in all, a reasonable in and out session. Not a raving performance but it was late for both of us and I have certainly had worse punts following a random punt.

Pos: Attractive BBW, cracking big arse, good attitude.
Neg: Perfunctory BJ, not particularly active.

Borderline Positive from me as she did all that I'd asked from her and she looks good. I'll probably return just to see if we gel more on a return visit. As for recommending her to others, if you can get through a punt on big arse alone, go for it. If you're into BBWs and a fan of big arse, but need more spark and energy, she's maybe not for you. Keep her in mind if you're in the area. Realistically not worth going out of your way for but a decent Plan B I think, if you just need a punt fix.

1 review(s) found for Alessya Hott linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline 3HK

Was waiting for someone on here to review this lass, she is on my HL and I've had a peek at her PG.

She deffo looks on the BBW side, still not sure if I'll go through, Lucy Kent looks a better option in the same area.

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