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Author Topic: Paddington/ Adele4U  (Read 788 times)

104 review(s) for Adele4u (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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The lady: https://www.adultwork.com/1806181 or https://www.adultwork.com/Adele4u

Booking duration: 1 hour
Venue: Adele's flat in Paddington
Price: 140

Comms: Top notch. Arranged the punt via aw. Adele is a busy girl but after exchanging a few emails, we arrived at a suitable date. I was looking initially for a 2 hour booking, but she was only able to find time for an hour, which we agreed on. Sent the booking request, which she promptly scheduled. Post code sent the day prior and final instructions just prior to the meeting. I must say that I had some difficulty finding the location. Google maps shows the postcode in a street behind the building, but got on the phone with Adele and she was able to guide me into the building.

Location: Once I found the building, it was quite simple. It looks like an office block, but is on a quite residential/ commercial road. Both discreet and safe. No one likely to be getting into your business. The flat itself is quite spacious and neat. Adele's room was clean and well appointed. She also had a massage table, which we did not use. I kept her otherwise engaged. :-)

Looks: There are a lot of reviews on Adele, so dont need to go too detailed into it. Small, around 5'3, Size 6/8, nice big breasts  (enhanced). Girl next door looks, but with all the ingredients that she can make herself a bombshell on the street if she takes some time to style herself. Facially pretty and great body. Bountiful bum.

The meeting: After finding the location, and arriving about 5 mins late, Adele took me to her room. We sorted out the paperwork and I thought time for a shower. But Adele wanted me to get comfortable. She asked me to have a seat, offered a drink. I had to get to another meeting, so declined the wine, and accepted a soda instead. I could see she was making every effort to make me feel comfortable and welcome, and this settled me down nicely.

I was still thinking that the routine would be a quick shower and then some play time, but the chat developed into some nice kissing, and then progressed into oral  both ways and finally sex. Started with Adele on top, then mish and finally from behind for my first pop. I usually dont come twice in a one hour meeting, unless the lady and I really click, and I thought given my delay in finding the place, and laid back pace of this meeting, we will just talk and then call it a day. Initially when Adele tried to initiate round 2, I mentioned to her that I wasn't ready and it will likely not happen in the time we have. She took it in her stride and we just kept talking and being intimate. A little while later, and we had progressed to heavy petting, then oral and ro, which then led to round 2. A few firsts for me including picking up this rather fit young lady and she clinging on to me as we had sex standing up.  :drinks:

Positives: The lady with a great attitude, that beautiful body, venue, intimacy.
Negatives: To most this would be a positive, but the booking ran over significantly. It was closer to 6 when I had my shower and left. Though I was initially looking for a 2 hour meeting, I had organized something else once Adele mentioned she could only accommodate for 1 hour. That other meeting got cancelled in the end due to my no show. So, as a lot of people have attested, Adele is not a clock watcher, but if you need to be somewhere, you need to do your own clock watching. Also, once I realized how much time I had taken, I felt bad that I had paid only for an hour and taken 2. Anyways, will make amends next time I visit her.

Verdict: Positive, and I will return for sure. Adele is a keeper.

104 review(s) found for Adele4u linked to in above post (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

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Girl next door? Where do you live, man?
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy + Sharing account with banned member (Atticus Finch aka Sylvester)

Offline jd_75

Girl next door? Where do you live, man?

Nowhere special as such but this scale would be subjective. Check your local high street and see how the girls make an effort. Girls at mine certainly do.

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