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Author Topic: xxx-ashlee-xxx Coventry tour  (Read 739 times)

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Ashlee was the first girl I booked after discovering UKP and my first hotel meet. My first few bookings on AW had ranged from ok to average to..... meh! Then I discovered UKP and became a bit more informed. After reading the reviews on Ashlee meeting her was a no brainer so when her last tour to Coventry was posted I fired off an email and was booked in 3 weeks in advance.

Comms were good via AW mail and she called me as I was approaching the hotel to confirm and ask me to get her a sandwich and drink from the cafe opposite. Called me back with the room number shortly before the booking time. 2 hrs @ 220

Passed reception to the lifts no problem, up in the lift with a housekeeper, nervy. Housekeeping all over the place, nervy. Ashlee had prewarned me they might be there and was waiting at the spy hole, her door opened without even knocking.

First impressions.... Awwww! A cute, pretty curvy blonde, real girl next-door type with a lovely friendly disarming personality. We had a giggle about navigating the housekeeping and settled on the bed for a chat. And chatted. And chatted and... yep she can sure talk. Fine with me, turned out we were almost neighbours at one point and had a bit in common. Necessaries dealt with and down to business.

Began kissing, light fk but not dfk. I'm a smoker and for various reasons that day my breath may not have been as fresh as I usually make sure it is, so YEMV. Undressed each other offered the option of ow/owo, wo thank you. Nice technique, not DT but deep enough, not as firm as I prefer but not too sloppy either, just nice. Switched to my favourite so I could have a taste of her. Yummy! Clean, fresh and very juicy.

Rubbered up and she climbed on-board. Nice cg with varied pace, bouncing and grinding. Continued in various positions, made use of the dressing table with mirror and the chair. Sat on the edge of the bed for more owo. Oily HJ with fk. Time check, we're 15 mins over.

Dressed, hugged, kissed and I'm heading home a happy man.

Would I return? Absolutely but a little more self prepared next time.

10 review(s) found for xxx-ashlee-xxx linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I have seen Ashlee a few times and really like her, my only complaint is the talking, I was fairly new to punting when I first saw her and too nervous to skip the talking and ask her to get straight to the action.

It probably helps those who are nervous but detracted from me being able to get a second pop but to running over time. At her prices I expect 2 pops in an hour.

Incredibly hot girl though.

Yeah she can rabbit on. For me it wasn't so bad,  being quite new to this 'hobby' and on my first hotel visit I was a bit of a nervous wreck.
I'm sure if you just cover her mouth with yours she'd get the message. Or just walk in the room and strip  :D

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