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Author Topic: Mona Montecarlo - New Diva - Birmingham  (Read 1251 times)

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Now I'm finally home and have regained some composure after my afternoons activities I think it's about time I wrote my first review.

I spotted Monas profile yesterday and all the signs rang of the Divas group. Being brand new and unverified I was a little wary that the beauty in the pictures was for real. Happily after enquiring on here it was confirmed that she is a new Diva. Booking made with ease.

Arrived on time after finally finding somewhere to park and called at the door for the apt number and buzzed in first time.

The door to the apt was ajar and as I approached it swung open to reveal one of the most stunning women I've ever laid eyes on, the smile that greeted me knocked me for six. Just about managed to clear my throat enough to say hello and was welcomed in with a hug and a kiss.

I was offered a shower and though I'd just had one accepted and asked if she'd join me which she was happy to do. Then swiftly changed my mind as I decided I wanted the fine mesh fishnets to stay on those sexy legs for a while so we just had a freshen up.

We lay on the bed together and kissed with varying degrees of depth while our hands explored each others bodies (I'd booked 1.5hrs as I prefer to take things slow rather than just turn up, fuck, and fuck off) which she said was her preferred type of meet too.

After a little while she lay me back and worked her way down for some owo, quite light technique but satisfactory, plenty of eye contact and the view of her gorgeous arse and pussy in the mirrored wardrobe at the bottom of the bed was magnificent. Eventually it was time for my favourite activity and we switched so I could feast upon her. She was clean and sweet tasting, responsive as i licked and nuzzled her clit, sighing and gripping my hand tight as her hips twitched. I've no idea how long I was down there but I'm pretty sure she enjoyed as my chin was dripping by the time I came up for air.

A little more owo and she covered me up before sliding down on me, a perfect fit. She rode me for a while before coming in close to kiss me passionately. Our bodies locked together we rolled over into missionary and continued at a steady pace. I leaned back and brought her shapely legs up to my chest to peel off her stockings. She brought her bare legs down crossing her ankles between us, looked me square in the eyes and in her sexy Hungarian twang said 'I want you to fuck me...... hard!
Not normally my style but shit! Who was I to refuse. Grabbed her knees, flicked the switch to jackhammer mode and pounded her like a man possessed. I don't want blow my own trumpet but I'm not the smallest of guys and could feel myself bouncing off her cervix but she took it like a trooper and she's either a bloody good actress or she was loving every minute. Switched to doggy and carried on, fucking like our lives depended on it with her looking back at me in the mirror. A few more changes of position taking full advantage of the mirror. Proceedings brought to a halt by me yelping in pain as cramp stabs me in the hip and I end up writhing in agony on the bed.

Finish off with a nice chat about random stuff, travel, relationships, the philosophy of human nature. She's an interesting and intelligent girl.

Overall, terrific time with a terrific girl. Great eye contact throughout and I love that.

Would I go back? Bet your life I would but I need to up my fitness levels or learn my limitations. She's only here till the 20th but hopes she'll back again soon. So do I.

3 review(s) found for Mona Montecarlo linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Ming

She looks lovely, on my HL now.

Thanks for the review


Thanks for the great review. If I get the chance to punt in the next few days it'll most likely be with her now. Is the kissing french and enthusiastic or does she hold back a little?

Offline dboy74

Great review  :thumbsup:

She does look very attractive.

Kissing started light but got heavier as she got into the meet. Responded well when I brought the tongue into play.

She really is a beauty. Lovely deep dark eyes and a wonderful smile.

Offline JJJ

Thanks for the great review OP, sounds like the service diva girls used to provide a few years ago

Kissing started light but got heavier as she got into the meet. Responded well when I brought the tongue into play.

She really is a beauty. Lovely deep dark eyes and a wonderful smile.

Thanks again. She sounds like a great addition to the Divas!

Offline Lestat

It was Sunday, after reading the reviews felt Hungary for something different.

Looked at the menu, appeared to tick the boxes.

Headed to Ryland street, not disappointed - nice girl, great personality and great assets.

good gfe experience, pounded her in every position till I popped.

still had time to shower with her and fondle her excellent assets.

shame she departs this week, I recommend punt her before she goes. She told me it was her first time in the uk...a medical student who does this as well.

hopefully will go for another a la carte if she comes back.
Banning reason: Previously banned (White Knight)

I had such a great time with this gorgeous girl last week that I couldn't resist going back for seconds before she went home. First time I've made a return visit to a WG. I did start writing a new review but it was getting out of hand so I'll spare you the tome and just post this addendum.

Even better than the first time. She was all over me as soon as I walked through the door. I'd booked another 90 mins but asked for 2 hrs on arrival, no prob. Offered a glass of wine. All services performed even more passionately and enthusiasticly than last time. Prolonged oral both ways, great sex in multiple positions making good use of the mirror again and loads of dfk and eye contact.

Overall. Glad I went back, it's surprising the difference familiarity makes. It's a shame she's gone now and I hope she returns but that's only a maybe.

NM on to the next one  ;)

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