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Offline rocky101

https://www.adultwork.com/1171309 or https://www.adultwork.com/ACPXXX

Saw ACP a couple of weeks for a 30min incall. This was a last minute booking and ACP was kind enough to see me. I've rated this punt as neutral only because of the location / surroundings and her place. I was torn between positive and neutral because ACP was really good in her service.

Now, the bad part first. She is located in Edgebaston on street that did not inspire much confidence in me when I reached there. Infact to be honest, I was worried of losing my wheel rims whilst I rammed away at ACP. Thankfully this nightmare did not manifest itself. Her place itself is not the best of examples for cleanliness. I saw the bathroom whilst walking in and it did not seem to have a shower so I guess she must essentially be using a lot of wet wipes (hope so!) between seeing clients. I may be wrong here.....so to be on the safe side, I did not go down on her. Additionally, there seemed to be just too much junk in the bedroom for my liking. Now I am not cleanliness freak...but you'd expect a bedroom to be neat and tidy...it did not to me.

Apart from this, ACP herself was brilliant....excellent OWO, multiple positions and then tit-wank to CIM. I have absolutely no reason to complain about her service. Incidentally, she is from Manchester and an ex-SS girl....ironic that I saw her in Birmingham...given then I too am from the NW. We chatted for a while and I noticed I had gone overtime and she did not mind or show any displeasure / anxiousness to get me out. Overall excellent bang-for-the-buck, only if she could ply her trade from a better place and location.

In summary, I probably may not see her again. But for those closer to her...she is a really good dirty fuck. :hi:

2 review(s) found for ACPXXX linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Had her on my hot list for a while i was captivated by her eyes on the aw site.

Thank you for the review saves me 80 notes.

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