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Author Topic: Sensual-in-Bradford ... in bradford  (Read 823 times)

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Offline cueball

https://www.adultwork.com/2646289 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sensual%2Din%2DBradford

Raunchily slipping out of my right money girls hotlist comes this lass. She had been highly recommended to me by a very good source outside of the north west podging team. I do like to act on good advice but this lass would mean another over the border podging raid and going off reservation, hiding my nw podging team badge and going into enemy territory, if nothing else, it's a treat for her to meet a lancastrian. She's not been reviewed on here and there is little chatter, you could call it TOFTT but she's got good aw feedback and this punt wasn't exactly blind.

Comms.... excellent comms, her phone number is/was on her profile. I called to arrange my day and time, postcode and instructions passed on straight away. She talks easily and friendly on the phone, made me feel at ease and confident I were meeting a lass with a friendly manner about her.

Venue..... nice, clean, modern flat in bradford centre. Plenty of parking nearby but take a bob or two with you for the meter.  I'm not from that neck of the woods though, the area seemed ok but what it's like at night I don't know. I did feel safe enough to leave my motor during the day.

Looks...... Yes, it's her in the pictures, they are accurate and not pissed about with. She's a good looking curvy lass with a right old pair of natural dobbers on her, I just couldn't leave em alone ha ha. I were chuffed with her looks as soon I clapped eyes on her.

The action.... I knock on the door and she answers it dressed as requested, sporting a big smile as a friendly hello. I asked for a lbd, which she is wearing but hell fire, it's at maximum tension holding them dobbers under control. On closing the door, I'm being snogged whilst my my hands explore the contents of that dress, we made it to the kitchen, she offers me a drink (water please says I) and I manage to get my coat off and sort the brass out.
I don't get many chances to slurp my water though, she's back and she's brought them mighty dobbers with her, I'm being snogged and caressed like it's going out of fashion, she offers me either the lounge or one of the bedrooms, I opt for the double bed and the next I know I'm being led by the hand following this wiggling arse (I'd pulled her dress up ha ha).
Into the bedroom, I'm like a stripping superhero, quick as a flash I'm butt naked and working that dress off her.
Off comes the dress and those mountains are unleashed, hell fire, they're natural and bloody heavy too (good job I landed when I did as this lass needs all the support she can).
We're snogging away knelt on the bed, feeling each other up whilst tasting each other's tonsils, I slip a couple of fingers into her wet pussy whilst she starts the business of working my little pecker.
She puts me on my back to give me a sucking, off she goes, it's all bobbing heads and twitching hips until I think it's time to return the favour, we swap places so she's on her back and I'm knelt up.
From snogging each other's faces off, I work my way south, obviously stopping off at the mighty fun bags for a good old chew, suck, maul and grope of em, which they seem to find agreeable as both her nipples have popped up to see what all the fuss is about.
I work my way south though, on my way to her bald, clean pussy which welcomes my lapping tongue and two fingers nicely, she is making all the right noises without going over the top.
After my oral gig is done, I move back north for more snogs. She asks "what next"
69 is my request and she happily plonks that pussy on my chin for me to lap on whilst she goes to town with the owo, I kid you not, her hand only touched my cock once, all the 69 action from her was with her mouth, let's say, she's goes to town on you.
After God only knows how long of this I'm ready to go podging, I stop lapping and give her arse a pat to let her know it's time to move (she picked up on this really well).

On with the jacket and into cg first, bloody hell, she's kind of rocking/hard grinding with me getting slapped in the face by tit every time on the forward stroke, she then kneels up with my hands clamped on my new best friends and continues to fuck my brains out.
A move is on the cards now (whilst I've still got some semblance of control), mish is next, onto her back she goes and I climb aboard, I'm pumping away whilst this lass is locked on me (legs, arms, mouthes), I'm getting quite an head of steam up here but I'm at the popping plateau stage (good) and a move is on the cards again.
Doggy next, over we go and in I plunge, hands on her hips and I pump away firmly believing I belong in a porn movie (yes, deluded), she grips the bedding and pumps me back, pheew, we're sweating now.
I want more mish though (she does take a decent pounding well), over we go and we're back where we were earlier, we're both sweating buckets (I don't know where today's stamina is coming from) whilst I get to work pumping like a man possessed.
I can feel something stirring deep inside though, my pop has started its not so long journey to freedom and I've a like list item I intend to take advantage of, so, I request she sucks me til I pop.
She smiles and quick a flash, my coat has gone and she's latched onto me, sucking like a dyson, it don't take long.
I deposit quite a load (edged for two days) in her mouth to which she swallows the bloody lot.
Spent, sweating and rubber legged, I roll back on the bed realising my porn star ambitions are deluded garbage.
What a sight we made, we're both sweating buckets and I've totally ruined her make up, she started by looking very nice, all done up with her best efforts, she finished up looking like she been dragged through a bush backwards, her straight black hair was now more like wire wool, her lippy was gone altogether and her eye shadow was smudged to death.
I didn't dare ask for round two ha ha, there was no round two in me though ha ha.
I'd done 90% of my hour locked in combat with this lass and I were spent now but very satisfied.

To sum up... Well, I had a right old time with this lass. She's at the right hourly rate and gives you a full on time. Her comms and preparations were first class, her attitude was sensual, passionate and attentive.
She's not a skinny little 18yr old (and more the better for it) but she's a real woman that's in this game to earn some brass and get some podging done.
 She were recommended by a source unrelated to the nw podging team and they came through, I owe a mate a pint.

Would I recommend... Yes, if you're like me with an eye for a good time and a good laugh then you'll heading her way. As always, turn up clean and fresh with a good attitude and I defy you not to have a good time.

Would I return.... Yes, I'll certainly be swinging this lasses way again.

5 review(s) found for Sensual-in-Bradford linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

We've done the Yorkshire team again here mate, they really must up their security measures.


Offline stevedave

Excellent review cb, she is one for the list alright!

You secretly enjoy your little forays into Gods country I reckon  ;)

Offline cueball

You secretly enjoy your little forays into Gods country I reckon  ;)

Yes, I feel like a commando behind enemy lines  :D

Offline bigmc

Oh for fucks sake,  yet another one to add to my list  :D

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