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Author Topic: Platinum Cindy - Well worth the wait  (Read 1505 times)

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Offline Rick2468

I saw Cindy this week and thought she was absolutely top notch. She has been reviewed several times on here so there is no doubt of her skills and quality. However I wanted to leave a review to both brag and to keep a record of the meeting to remind myself of it in the future.


The lengthy quest to book Cindy

This section isn't really about the meeting itself but the effort I had to go through to make the booking.

Cindy doesn't leave her number on adultwork and you have to have positive feedback to book her. I think this is smart on her behalf as she is so in demand. I don't punt often and when I do I normally do it on impulse and make same day bookings. Therefore I never had an adultwork account. However I REALLY wanted to see Cindy so I set up an account and messaged a few girls whom I had seen in the past to say I was setting up an account and wanted to build up feedback. I asked if they could leave me retrospective feedback and I would leave them feedback in return. However the girls either didn't remember me or were suspicious of my intentions and no one accepted my offer.

So then I punted with a girl and asked her to leave me feedback which she did. Finally I had feedback. But there was another challenge ahead. I logged onto Cindy's page and checked her availability.....she was fully booked up for six weeks and had a holiday booked too. I emailed her on the offchance that she might have had any cancellations. She said she would if she got any but I guess she didn't as I didn't hear from her.

I have never booked a girl in advance as when I punt I wake up in the mood and go for it. The thought of booking Cindy so long in advance just didn't appeal.

A few months passed and there were no girls on adultwork that appealed. I eventually thought I would try Cindy again. I asked her if she was free anytime the following week and she said yes! I made  a booking request and she told me the name of the hotel.

On the day of the meeting I was hungover and unenergised and nearly cancelled. However I knew if I had I might not get another chance so dragged myself out the door.

All done via email on adultwork and texts on the day. I knew the hotel in advance and was texted the room number on the day.

I'm not a fan of Shepherds Bush outside of Westfield and the empire. Loads of scallies hanging around. The hotel itself was luxorious and the room was huge. The reception was busy when I arrived so it was easy to walk in unnoticed. I think from what Cindy was saying that she used the same hotel often.

The photos are very accurate. Her body is amazing and Cindy's ass looks amazing when she is walking in front of you.

The best I have experienced from any girl. It was a one hour cum twice service. Kissing was good but not too deep. Cindy's tongue is sensational and she can flick it at around 200 flicks a minute which felt so good.

Round one ended with cowgirl and Cindy's pussy felt so tight. I normally like to withdraw and shoot over tits but it felt so nice I kept at cowgirl for the end of round one.

Round two started the same way. This time I went for doggy and did withdraw to finish on Cindy's breasts.

Cindy is very on the ball and intelligent. I doubt she would ever suffer any kind of fool.

She said now I had her number I could book same day appointments. Win!

74 review(s) found for X PLATINUM x CINDY X linked to in above post (71 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

She is a very consistent performer and agree that hotel is a top venue,glad you had a good time op,I will assume the brag comment was you being ironic! :hi:

Offline anyfucker

you bastards, i was trying to restrain myself to tontober (unsuccessfully so far) just had a quick look at Cindy's gallery to remind myself and now i'm thinking when will i be able to see her.

Offline iPad3

you bastards, i was trying to restrain myself to tontober (unsuccessfully so far) just had a quick look at Cindy's gallery to remind myself and now i'm thinking when will i be able to see her.

Ah yes.....the 4 hour shagfest I had with her a few months back really was special, roll on 2 weeks and I'm doing it all again!!!!!

Offline The Beano

Glad you had a good time, Cindy is the only girl that has got two pops out of me in an hour. Had the opportunity to see Cindy and Adele recently but had to pull out due to some lip trauma. Can't wait to see officer Cindy again!

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