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Author Topic: New punting Mecca - Cambuslang?  (Read 1003 times)

Today 2 positive reviews for 2 previously un-reviewed prossies from 2 recent new members and both Cambuslang?
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Offline oldboy73

Hi Val,

I promise you mine was real, I've been working in Rutherglen for the last 8 years and looking at Golden_Globes for ages but never had the opportunity to go before due to normal life getting in the way.

Had a genuinely good experience so I thought I'd 'share with the group'.


Offline oldboy73

And I posted last week to see if anyone had any feedback on her before I booked


Oldboy don't doubt your review or other guy's just found it odd/funny that Cambuslang coincidence given its usually all about Glasgow city centre punts.
I've done a fair few punts myself in the western provences and similarly found good service without any dubious EE scam switches

Aye seems Cambus gangbang is the new Amsterdam  :drinks:

Offline RandyF

Glasgow's peripheries  have always been full of fat old hags.  Ayrshire is a mecca for BBWs.  Paisley's always has some on the go?  I've not looked but if you check those sort of outlying areas I bet its full of cheap fat old hoors.
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Offline benstokes

suggest re cambuslang stay well clear of the  "circuit " it aint  Amsterdam.

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