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Author Topic: Lovely Destiny Gone?  (Read 1525 times)

It looks like Lovely Destiny has hung up her knickers? Does anyone have any info?

Offline seeker

They are probably in the wash  :P :D :lol: :cool:

Offline Declan_C

dont know why you think she has hung up her knickers as she is "available today"...   

Ah, so she is. Her profile had disappeared for a few days there, just when I was in the mood. My bad. :thumbsup:
Cheers buddy.

Offline seeker

Knickers washed :thumbsup:
Back to work  :thumbsup:
Destiny's a graffter :thumbsup:
But something looks different :unknown:

Offline pete-piper

I always thought she was younger.

Age listed as 33?  :unknown:

Offline oldboy73

She didn't used to have her face blurred out.

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