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Author Topic: London recommendations - tuesday  (Read 365 times)

Offline cumtwice

I'm in London on Tuesday and not had a good punt in a couple of months.

ECB, Plat Cindy and MI are all out of town.

Any recommendations for girls in the same ilk???

I'm tempted to give this girl a go? Has anyone seen..


I believe she used to work for an agency and was charging £250 an hour.

1 review(s) found for FrancescaOfLondon linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I believe King Tarzan saw her, see here:

She's actually sent me a flirt proposal via AW. Most likely a sign of a dusty phone, and haven't responded. Still, I was tempted. If you take the plunge, let us know how you get on!  :thumbsup:

I personally hate these Harrods sounding "courtesan" names.
So and so of London etc.
She looks ok but is a bit self hyped and overpriced!
Won't be getting many Tontober customers for sure! :thumbsdown:

Offline Steely Dan

Go to Phoenix...see you there.

Offline cumtwice

Go to Phoenix...see you there.

Haha, tempted mate. But not sure it's for me. Not even had a 3 some, so going to tick that off the list before a party.

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