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Author Topic: Kendall of Diva / Cami of Admirals  (Read 286 times)

Online Puntsmith


I've had a bit of a punting break and have recently got back involved!
Has anyone seen this girl?  She looks like a damn hot oriental girl!  Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Offline jstrongerrrrr

Hi there.
Had the misfortune of seeing Cami around two months ago. I booked on the strength of the profile photos and although she is attractive the photos are heavily photoshopped and falsely accentuate her asian roots. She is eastern european and shares a flat with a few other girls just off queensway. Everything about the meeting was plain wrong, she was completely unprepared and her bedroom was a mess. She spent the first 5-10 minutes on the phone, texting and made a few calls and she seemed in a huge rush to get me things started all at a frenetic pace which i found rather unnerving. There was also a situation with the intercom and she left the room twice to scream down the intercom in an aggressive manner. The worst thing was her attitude, there was an arrogance about her and I would say a complete disregard for the punter and after a painfully awkward 10 minutes I made my excuses and left.
My recommendation would be to avoid!
Banning reason: White-knight slagging of membership

Online Puntsmith

Thanks for the feedback jstronger.

That explains the Diva profile indicating EE.

It looks like I will have to look elsewhere for my "getting back in the saddle" punt!

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