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Author Topic: Poppycock aka PoP13 aka lovelolli & browncandyuk - AdultWork 2379956  (Read 771 times)

Offline endomorph

Anyone had the pleasure, or otherwise?
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I've been to a few parties she held over the course of the year. OWO is like porn and pretty amazing. Deep-throats and gags etc. Decent enough fuck, does the splits and is bendy. Squirts as well. She took of load of mine in her mouth.

I'd say she's about a size 12 - although she says been on a diet coming down from a 16 so wouldn't be surprised if she was a 10 by now, although this was a few months ago

She's friendly although there was a bit of nose rubbing so might be a pre-party booster, but otherwise she's game for everything barring anal and kissing, as per the ground rules laid out to me.

Hope it helps.

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