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Author Topic: Hot.Allice Birmingham  (Read 1693 times)

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Offline FredW


Got that mornning feeling so had a quick look at who was "available today".

Hot.alice was there and there was very little else, she looks good so dropped her a text. No reply. Around 12:00 I call her. Phone answers and she sounds half asleep. That should have put me off. She says she will be free in 40 mins.

So I make my way to the street in Jewelry Quarter near St Paul's Church. I call her after 45 mins. 5 more mins. She is piss poor at saying which building she is in but I eventually make my way up to the flat and she lets me in. Flat like a furnace.

Super slim, tits are basically nipples, fantastic arse. A good looker.

A visit to the bathroom to have a quick a wash down (I showered before leaving home) and we start.

Oh, no kissing. Not even open mouthed. I was minty fresh. I doubt French Kissing (at discretion) is available.

So Oral on her. Small pussy, total lack of interest from her. Staring at ceiling whilst chewing gum, so stop that.

She asked if covered or uncovered for BJ. Uncovered. Wet wipes out and cock receives a battering before oral.

Oral not bad, but I've no idea what she did but was I was ready to, and did, pop after about 2 mins!

Clean up, and I ask for more oral. She's getting a condom out. I say without. One of those looks and out come wetwipes and tissues and she well and truly rubs my cock down and forces and left over juice in the shaft out. No way is this girl doing CIM (at discretion).

I then say sex. So out with the condoms and a not so subtle application of lube. Gets ready for cowgirl. It then takes an age for her to lower herself onto my cock and I felt like the blood was being cut off. She moves around a bit but there is no bouncing up and down but is so sodding tight that I don't last long and on top of that am now feeling dizzy!

After a rest and a drink of water, during which not much is said as her English isn't great, back for more sex. I ask for doggy, her expression says no but she gets ready for it. Once I got going she restricts my movement so I can't get much rythm going or much in the way of strokes and she's basically moving in the same direction as me at the same time. Again, the tightness is a killer.

Finish off the time with a massage, which was OK. And she's still chewing gum.

I did ponder if it should be a neutral or a negative, but the false advertising pushed it.


1 review(s) found for Hot.Allice linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Not so hot allice then.

What is it with these Romanian birds :dash: are they all pimped or what? dont they see they are doing them selves no favors here. :thumbsdown:

They should be happy to make more than enough money for the family back in that 3rd world shit hole!

Offline georgydog

i saw her when she was on the hagley road i had the same experience awful punt while in missionary she started sipping on a can of coke this is her 3rd profile on here AVOID AT ALL COST shame as she is a great looking girl

Offline georgydog

sorry i meant her 3rd profile on aw

Offline Dodo

Banning reason: Making false claims against moderation

Offline Ming

This profile started several weeks ago with a totally different girl being advertised, I HL at the time as that girl looked like a potential, then a week or so later the pic changes to Alice.

I saw Alice about 4 years ago, so no way is she 19, very vanilla punt, no tits (but then I like that). Sounds like she has got worse over the last few years, and defo pimped.


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