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Author Topic: Any one recently visited Greedy Milf  (Read 729 times)

Offline akakol99

Any one recently seen this lady


Her profile also include a lot of likes, is she really offer all.

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Offline Si198

Most likely if she does charge extra might be for videos and pics but send her a message  :) have fun

Offline london39

I saw her about a year ago when she was in west london. She's fairly big and certainly is bigger than her photos suggest. About size 18 and with a heavy gut. She was average to poor. Comms during was difficult   couldnt get her to do mainly positions and was boring to inactive. She was 80 per hour then. Not worth that.

Offline akakol99

she replied & seems like she has extras...
Off with her then....

Offline Plato

My experience was exactly like London39's. Others on here have been much more positive...

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