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Have always had a thing for Mimi and when rarely passing Sheffield on the days she's working at GFE Massage I always take a really shite car so I can leave it outside and know it will still be in one piece when I leave.

Now she's working closer at GFE in Bury it's far easier to see her, though the advice about the shite car still applies.  I don't think that part of Bury has been rebuilt since the War ---- The War of the Roses.  The hoor house is, however, quite well appointed  - for a hoor house that is, you wouldn't do this interior design at your own gaff.  Walk in showers, mood lighting, nice big beds, tiled floors, plenty of towels.  Thoroughly tacky and thoroughly appropriate.

Mimi is quite a lot older than her profile suggests but she's pretty damned fit and has aged very well.  She has experience in spades and, if she likes you, you are literally well and truly fucked.

Leave shower, standing DFK until the lad is well and truly ready, go to the bed and lie face down.  She will massage your back but thankfully not for long then she's down at the business end and it's time for her turbo to kick in.

This girl will rim you within microns of your life.  She has a tongue that could lift you off the bed and throw you against the wall.  Her hands and fingers know exactly what buttons to press and press them then do.  Then when you think you cannot take it any more she rolls you over and will worship your cock like it's the King of Siam.

By now, blood pressure at 360/350, it's all you can do to whimper 'condom' and it's whipped on and she'll ride you CG like nobody else.  A really good technique, none of this up and down like a pogo stick, she will work your member with those muscles that could lift up a small pickup truck.  All the while gently kissing you.

The best approach is to accept your fate and go with the flow.  "Resistance is futile" and other such nonsense axioms.  I then lie on the bed with a heart rate of 170 and the only muscle I've exercised is the bulbospongiosus.

The main problem is it's all over in fifteen minutes and then you have another quarter of an hour to chat when you realise she's as mad as a box of frogs.

She showers after every punt and keeps herself clean.  I don't think she's shagged me any other way and I hope she never will.