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Author Topic: hashtagFINEASS  (Read 669 times)

Hey all
Anyone have any information on this WG;

I'm gonna be in and around the Swansea area later this week and she looks like a maybe?

Wasn't she the one that was going to do the gangbang with jessiebee?

Her profile and pictures don't do it for me though.

Im not sure TBH about the Gang bang, but Im not 100% on her pics, some of them she looks my type but then others im not sure, I was hoping someone on here had met her and could give me some info


She has no belly button in this pic. I would guess they've been heavily photoshopped. She was also quite a lot cheaper when working in Swansea. I would avoid based on that, but she mist be at least half decent to be working with JessyB

Offline jimbloom83

Cheeky in a good ish way, size 12-14, bellybutton is photoshopped to hide the scar on her tummy. Fair amount of self harm scars but hides them relatively well. Works in bunnies in Swansea as far as I'm aware. Bit moody at times but ok. Just v old and photoshopped pics. Pretty enough though.
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Cheers for the info guys, having considered all, I think I'll give her a miss.
Anyone know anything about : https://www.adultwork.com/3109273
Or does anyone have any other suggestions for the port talbot / Swansea areas?

Scratch that last link, just spoke to her on the phone, definitely not going to be visiting her, she sounded off her head on something she had a job to talk  :dash:
Never mind onwards and upwards  :rolleyes:


I haven't seen her, but she is the only one in that area I am interested in seeing... I think I remember Chorusboy gave her a good  review.

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Changed her name to maxine_PHATASS  :wackogirl:

Offline jimbloom83

Maxine is her working name in bunnies too
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