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Author Topic: Karolina Diamond - Smoking hot petite MILF, Shepherds Bush  (Read 1256 times)

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Following the recommendation on a previous review and because Karolina was only a matter of minutes away from me, I suddenly had an urge to bust a nut inside her so went ahead and booked on short notice.

Location: Pleasant basement flat a couple minutes away from Shep Bush tube. Works with a chubby red headed milf who I saw a couple times in the apartment.
Price: £80 p/h. Good value.

Greeted at the door, offered shower, I freshened up. She wore tight panties and bra.

I'll cut to the main points:
Physically, its as if a MILF attached her head to Smiley Mileys body. I reckon Karolina is in her late 30s to 40s and it shows in the face, but somehow it was transplanted onto the body of a petite 19yo girl. I mean smoking hot, tight, not a wrinkle in sight, unbelievably smooth olive coloured skin. Do her doggy and its as if I'm banging a hot young college student. Very tight and neat little shaved pussy, immaculately clean and aesthetically pleasing as I discovered when we did some 69.

Did not attempt any DFK because I detected a hint of smokers breath.

Sex: I requested a massage to get me relaxed, went onto covered BJ (at my request) and smooching all over her body and some 69. She does give eye contact during bj which is a nice touch. Breasts are pert, I would say B cups on her frame but shapely and firm. Then went onto cowgirl, mish and some doggy while admiring and rubbing down that fine body from behind.  However, I felt the sex was a touch on the passive side and not a full blown go all in porn star fuck, I pretty much had to take the lead but some more enthusiasm from her side would have improved things massively. Otherwise, the sex was vanilla, but acceptable.

After busting my nut while grabbing and staring at that fine arse from behind doggy style, we sat down and used google translate to chat to each to other, since her English is atrocious. Pleasant to talk to and have a joke with, and she won't rush the punt.

Overall positive. Smoking body. Vanilla sex. Good price. Great if you like petite women. Photo galleries are accurate. I would definitely consider going back.

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6 review(s) found for Karolina Diamond linked to in above post (5 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline bestbefore

How petite is she?
Her profile says 4' 8" - that cant be correct can it??

Online SamLP

Glad you enjoyed the punt. More or less my experience too.

How petite is she?
Her profile says 4' 8" - that cant be correct can it??

I addressed this in my review:

With heels she was about 5'8" and without she was closer to 5'5" or 5'6"

Offline punk

not 4'8 more 1.67 but i guess they get mixed up in old system

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