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Author Topic: Tanya Thai Hot Oil  (Read 1337 times)

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Offline HughJardon

Shes based centrally near the stadium but I havent met her personally ,though Ive visited this venue with Yaya Chacha Zizi Pandy and Nana.
Her verification pic is displayed but for how long I dont no.
Her prices displayed will just be for deep tissue/hot oil massage & Happy Ending (HE)

Offline HughJardon

Ive noticed her profiles gone, though aside from the links above a new Thai has touched down in Cardiff


She looks sweet and I do love petite girls.

At the moment I am not looking for full service. I am new to punting and I am gradually easing myself in. So far I have just had a massage with HE. I thought next I would try topless massage or body to body and that’s what I am looking for at the moment.

Offline Milko1

I've seen her. She's a nice girl. Exactly like pics, nice naked body massage.
Would recommend

Hai milko
When you met this girl? Is she gives nice service? Where she located?

Offline Milko1

Hi sky hunter. She's by the stadium. An yea good service for 40 bucks

Offline aardvark

No that's not her.
Yes it is. Her AW number is required to be shown on the photo - this matches her profile.

Offline SilentBob

Yes it is. Her AW number is required to be shown on the photo - this matches her profile.

That's what I thought, unless someone else has taken over the profile?  Hoping to visit tomorrow...  will report back if I do.

Has anyone else seen her?  Milko, I take it you just had the massage service.

Offline HughJardon

Both scenarios are possible, they do borrow/swap profiles a lot.
If it was the girl verified above without sounding rude I would make my excuses and leave.
I'd probably opt for the wallet in car scenario, thats been a winner for me throughout the years  :D

Offline Milko1

Yeah just had massage. Sorry if I was wrong, just looks like a different girl to the one I saw.

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