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Author Topic: Emily Creme Brulee London  (Read 2530 times)

35 review(s) for Emily's Creme brulee (34 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline CJ69


So firstly I've been a lurker for a while and thanks for the helpful reviews here I've punted Adele and Khloe sexy Girl, I don't punt often in UK but thought I should start sharing when I do !

Saw Emily last week.

Comms were great, I like to look forward to a punt for a couple of days and we exchanged flirty calls and texts which had me looking forward to the main event a lot.

Location was great, couple of minutes from Aldgate East tube with a real good pub about 50 yards from her flat, I always like a pre punt pint !

Meeting was great, she's really good looking, was dressed as requested in stockings and a sexy outfit. Was offered a shower but I'd had one before I'd left, I really like it when a girl undresses me, which Emily did whilst she gave me a lapdance, lots of DFK then onto a very sloppy OWO with plenty of eye contact. Sex in various positions then back to OWO and finished with COB for first pop. She offered me a beer, had a bit of a chat as her English is good and was up for round 2 after about 10 minutes. Pretty much the same again, had a 2nd pop, overstayed by about 20 minutes so she's no clockwatcher but it didn't feel like I was taking the piss by taking too long, just seemed like we were going with the flow !

Summary is that I guess she's quite expensive and pretty vanilla but if you want to have a GFE with a sexy Polish girl I think she's well worth it.

Thanks again for the helpful reviews on this site, hope this one wasn't too boring !

35 review(s) found for Emily's Creme brulee linked to in above post (34 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Not boring at all.
Your observations are correct.
She's a great girl.
But I've never treated her to dinner or the 'afters' trolley!
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Offline CJ69

Nice touch offering you a beer  :hi:
Yeah, and was a Stella ! Even blagged a post punt cigarette, one of those skinny white fags that all the EE chicks smoke  :)

Offline king tarzan

Had her last year
So delicious and her mango was so super duper delicious! !

Offline cumtwice

Hi, I have a booking with Emily later- but her aw profile is gone. Can someone message me it if you have it saved?? Thanks

"The following problem(s) were detected:
    The requested member was not found or is inactive. Click on the 'Search' link above to locate active members that pertain to your preferences."

She has indeed disappeared.
But if you're seeing her later, you'll have her Mob. No. so give her a call/text to confirm the meeting.

Check the bottom of your AW messages, her number will be there.

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