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https://www.adultwork.com/937054 or https://www.adultwork.com/sarahjayneleeds
Fee: £90 for 1 hour incall

Location: Otley

Rating: 5/5 Excellent. Several people had recommended her and she's one of the best milfs I've seen. Very special indeed!

Note: Aware of my UKP membership, all comm’s via UKP PM

Summary in red at the bottom
So, a raid into West Yorkshire and a chance to show the girls over there what they’re missing and Yorkshire punters how it’s done! This was only my second punt outside the NW but Sarah Jayne had been recommended to me by Rochdull Lad many moons ago and following Cueball’s visit to bedroom test her for me, he also strongly recommended her, saying she was a match for anyone in Lancashire (I struggled to believe a Yorkshire lass could match a Lancashire lass, but we’d see). Now, I don’t get out much and opportunities for an ‘away game’ are few and far between but I decided that if and when opportunity presented itself, SJL would be my target punt. I only get one or two chance a year, so it would be a waiting game.....
Patience eventually paid off, as I spotted an opportunity much later in the summer. As soon as I had some certainty over dates, I PM’d Sarah to see if an advance booking would be OK (nearly 3 months in advance) and she came back to me quickly to say it wasn’t a problem, pencil something in and we could firm up nearer the time. She also gave me some reassuring information at the same time about a mutual friend. I reckoned I was in for a good time – but what a length of time to wait. The weekend before Sarah PM’d me to see if I still wanted to meet as she wanted to firm up her diary for the week – I liked the way she didn’t assume I still wanted to see her. She needn’t have worried, having waited 18 months I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to see her, so I replied saying all was good and I’d be in touch to confirm arrangements within a day or two. All done with a minimum of fuss.
I then sent my usual email confirming what I was after including a request for permission to smoke beforehand (I had a long drive). No problem with the ciggies – as Sarah put it ‘We can be outcasts together!’ I even asked if she would smoke just before we met so she’d smell of smoke – bit odd but I find it very sexy. A couple of texts the day before to exchange numbers and again on the morning to confirm all was well for both of us. The scene was set and I for one was bloody excited, particularly as I'd been let down by another SP the day before.

Bit of a drive over, taking me across country and into West Yorkshire. No border patrols on the lookout for Lancashire bandits but it was one of those frustratingly slow drives - every light on red, tractors, learners and then even with satnav I managed to get lost (I was trying to be clever with it). I arrived just about on time but in quite a state and wandered over to Sarahs pad. She greeted me at the door but I'd completely forgotten my manners - I walked in and said 'I've had a nightmare', completely ignoring the efforts Sarah had gone to for me. She got hold of me for a snog and I (slowly) relaxed as we stood kissing with hands already wandering. We then dealt with the formalities of fee, drinks and I popped into the shower.

Once out I dried off and Sarah met me at the door and it was only really then that I'd collected myself to notice Sarah's outfit. Short black skirt, cream blouse black stockings and heels - looking every bit the slutty secretary which is my favourite - she'd followed my instructions to the letter. We then got down to business proper, lots of kissing, I had hold of her arse and she was soon playing with my cock. Joy of joys she slowly sank to her knees, kissing my chest as she went down until she was able to say hello to little tcm, who'd puffed out his chest to try and make an impression. It must have worked as soon he felt Sarah's tongue gliding up and down, nibbles and then he disappeared into her mouth. Fuck me, I had to steady myself by hanging on to the door frame. After a minute or two she came up for air, more kissing and then told me to make myself comfy on the bed. I did exactly that and then asked Sarah to peel her clothes off slowly. There's something so erotic about watching a woman get undressed and Sarah didn't disappoint. Talking to me, smiling and holding eye-contact, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse, before slinging it across the room.Time for that skirt to disappear and she slid it down slowly, before chucking it at me. I chucked it back and again she slung it on the pile of clothes I'd started. She looked splendid - dark underwear with a splash of colour, just as I'd requested

She joined me on the bed and so started a complete sexual romp. She's certainly passionate in the sack and I was already enjoying the kissing, licking and fondling and she'd soon got me into the groove.Bra off to release her boobs and I wasted no time in sucking her nipples into my mouth and Sarah seemed sensitive to this. We'd stop occasionally to exchange a few words but it wasn't long before we were at it again. I lay back  and Sarah headed south to give my cock another going over.Lovely sensual technique, varying speed and how hard she sucked. My balls also came in for attention as she flicked her tongue over them. 'Are you relaxed now?' she enquired. We both laughed and no real need for an answer as I'd forgotten the journey now and was having to concentrate on retaining my load. She moved up for more snogging before I thought her pussy needed a bit of attention. Her knickers were silky and I'm quite partial to the feel of pussy through the material so initially I just started stroking her pussy until I could feel things getting warm and moist. Yummy. Time for a little appetizer, so I peeled her knickers off and cast them in the same direction as the rest of her clothes, Sarah spread her legs and I settled down to eat. Nice fresh pussy - you just can't beat it! I got stuck in, working her clit as well as licking deep into her pussy and she seemed to enjoy my attentions as she wriggled about, moaning and encouraging me to keep going with the tongue action. I could have feasted there for the afternoon but there were more delights to be sampled so I came back up to be greeted with some proper DFK - obviously likes the taste of her pussy.

We lay kissing for a bit and me playing with her pussy before Sarah whispered in my ear to stick a finger in her. Er, whoops, two appear to have slipped in and I could feel she was quite tight. With two fingers inside her, my thumb working her clit and her snogging my face off it was difficult to concentrate. I stopped for a moment, took my fingers out of her and sucked the juices off (that is so naughty) and Sarah proceeded to make sure they were clean by giving them a suck as well. '69?' She enquired. Why not, so I lay back and Sarah clambered on board and plonked her pussy on my mouth. Time to tuck in again and as I did so she proceeded to give me another blowjob. I enjoy being underneath as you can really pull a girl down on to you and I got my tongue as far up her pussy as possible. Shifting position slightly I then gave her arsehole some attention as well - lovely licking right up and down to taste pussy and ass together. Sarah responded by sitting up and grinding herself on my face - heavenly - a face full of pussy. After a few minutes she dismounted, spun round and we enjoyed another round of DFK.

Time to fuck. On with the condom and we started with CG and her bouncing up and down on my cock. This, as usual, got me pretty worked up and I grabbed her arse so I could fuck her from underneath. Snogging as we went this was proper fucking when you almost try and out-do each other. We rolled over into mish and I proceeded to give her a decent pounding, legs splayed, then wrapped around me and then with her feet over my shoulders as I held her legs and slammed into her - we were now really going at it. I slowed the pace so we could enjoy slow-fucking with DFK and I found this almost too intense. A change to doggy and she looked lovely - arse in the air, face down on the bed with me drilling her from behind as she frigged her clit. My stamina was now wearing a bit thin so we went back to mish and fucked again with Sarah rubbing her clit again. As ever though, I'd fucked myself out and we eventually collapsed on to the bed for a rest. We lay there for a bit chatting with Sarah sitting next to me playing with my cock. After a little recovery she started to wank me whilst also blowing me, slowly building up the pace. Once up to speed she then started licking my balls and this was too much for me. Noisily I blew my load with spunk landing all over my tummy and her hands. Job done - I was fucked!

A little clean up and we lay there whilst I recovered. Once we'd got our breath back, Sarah suggested a ciggy so we sat on the bed together enjoying a post-coital smoke - she smokes the same brand as me and then sat chatting for far longer than we should have done, ages in fact, about punting generally, punting friends, life generally and so on. It seems one of my 'mates' had messaged her before she saw me with a little message to 'make sure you fuck him properly' (I'll get my own back Cueball, don't you worry about that!). I don't think Sarah needs any instruction..... Even when getting showered and dressed she continued to play around with me and by the time I was ready to leave, little tcm wanted to play again. I considered for a moment how much cash I had on me for another round, but it was getting late and I had a fair journey home. More kisses and cuddles and reluctantly I made good my escape.

Verdict? What can I say? She'd been recommended to me a long time ago by Rochdull Lad and more recently by Cueball. The long wait to see her was worth it. With reference to the 'Quick shag or experience' thread I can only say that Sarah is truly an experience. She doesn't just fuck with enthusiasm, she actually fucks with real passion and makes you feel as though she really does want to fuck your brains out. When you're not fucking, she's as down to earth as they come and very easy to deal with on a personal level. A match for anyone in Lancashire though? I have to say she is and that includes my favourite....

I think the best way I can some it up is to say that before I'd seen her, I had four girls who, for me at least, stood above the rest. Zoe of Manchester, Foxxycleopatra, Dani and Schoolgirl Kate. SJL has joined that list. But when will I see her again?

Needless to say, thoroughly recommended
To summarise, I’d say the following:-
Venue – lovely, countryside venue and very discrete. Unless you know the area, you'll need Satnav to find it and if coming from the M65 allow plenty of time for the journey. Bedroom and bathroom are clean and tidy. Yeah, a nice discrete venue does it for me.
Comm’s – all via UKP PM and text on the day. No issues at all.
WG – stated age is 41 which I wouldn't argue with. Indeed, when I met her she looked younger than I was expecting. Stats and profile pics are accurate, she's one of the few girls who wouldn't trouble the Advertising Standards Authority if they were to start scrutinising AW profiles. Very slim, particularly through her hips and I think she'd worried that I might not have found her to my liking - I wouldn't want her any slimmer I have to say, but once we got going her hip measurements were the last thing on my mind. Easy to deal with and lovely in person.
Services – GFE, DFK, OWO, Rimming on her, RO, CG, Doggy, Mish and in true GFE style, a post-fuck fag (Yay!!)  All delivered with real passion of the sort you rarely encounter in this business. She could run classes for young WG's to show them how it's done - simple as that!
Verdict – if you like a milf who fucks with real passion, SJL should be on your HL. One of the most complete experiences I've had this year. I'm already looking for another opportunity to see her again. I spy with my little eye.....


10 review(s) found for sarahjayneleeds linked to in above post (10 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online cueball

 (I'll get my own back Cueball, don't you worry about that!)

Ha ha, give it your best shot pal ha ha

Great review.

Yorkshire podging raids ha ha

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Threechilliman - UKP Poster and Prolific Member of the North West Podging Team

Venue - My Place


Well keeping up with tradition it's now my turn to review our very own TCM.  :D

As stated above TCM and I exchanged a few PM's way back when he was new to this game. This was after my review by Rochdull Lad, who says "Hello" to those of you who remember him, :thumbsup: but location wise it was an issue. Anyway as you can see above we got there in the end.

So TCM arrives on time but  a little flustered. Turns out he had gone a little bit wrong and ended up at the Farm up the road. Typical man, you can bet he had the sat nav  on the women's voice but as a bloke he reckoned he knew best.  :rolleyes: Those of you who have regularly read his reviews know TCM has an extensive "bucket list" and has ticked a great deal off it but I am pleased to report "worrying sheep" is not on there and no animals were harmed in the making of these reviews  :D

 After a quick call to tell me where he is he arrives a little flustered, but friendly and chatty.  A bit of tonsil tennis and size each other up and off he pops for a quick shower. TCM is a lovely kisser and switches from gentle FK to full on depending on what activities you are also doing at the time. Needless to say  as the meeting went on and the passion rose it was on to proper DFK for the most and he has a great technique.

After his shower  TCM was certainly back in the zone and ready for action. More snogging a groping a quick "hello" to little TCM then at TCM's request a bit of a strip- tease while he laid on the bed and watched. Little TCM seemed to appreciate my efforts as he began rising upwards to get a better look.  :coolgirl:

What followed then was a hot steamy hour of kissing, sucking, nibbling and fucking all of which he has described above. His oral technique very good he lifted me off the bed by my hips to delve in deeper, and seemed to get me in all sorts of positions throughout the meet, some of which he surprised me with. All  this resulted is me doing a fabulous impression of Alice Cooper with mascara running down my face but ever the gent TCM said " I looked fine"  :rolleyes:

TCM has a good ability to cover everything he wants from a punt and I had said I preferred a go with the flow type of meet, as did he which is exactly how it went. He's a lovely all round nice bloke, the kind you could chat to about all sorts really great fun and down to earth. He' s another one who is exactly as he comes across on here and  I can see why him and Cue get on so well.  I am so pleased we finally got to meet after such a long time, so thanks Cue and RL I owe ya !  :drinks:

100% recommended

Offline stevedave

Excellent review, though as a fan of your work tcm, I'm not surprised! I know yourself and cue share a good taste in ladies, and cue has mentioned (and obviously reviewed) this lady before, so I shall have to add her to my list...I'd love to say you are in exalted company SJL, but that would probably be a fib...  ;)

I'll have a word with border patrol to be a little more thorough in future though  ;)

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