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Author Topic: Shy Tiffany  (Read 789 times)

19 review(s) for shy.tiffany (15 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


£160 duo (negative)
£120 hour (natural)

I think it's time for a near end of term assessment and a reality check on shy Tiff.
I've seen her 3 or 4 times and none of the subsequent times were as good as the first.
Toothy bjs and a very poor duo with sweet..  someone, can't quite remember her name but it was hopeless!!
I've have tried to see her again but I don't think I'll have the time as she's leaving this weekend.
Don't get me wrong she is a pretty girl with a lovely body and gentle nature  but she didn't make it onto my regular list (which is currently empty!)
She hasn't got the conversational skills that a top WG needs to make me want to come back repeatedly. She has the look and the body but performance is good but not consistent (toothy bjs are a no no)and in my opinion, does run out of conversation which can make a hour booking a bit awkward.
I primarily book girls for sex, if you can enjoy there company and have great sex then theyve cracked it with me, of the many girls I've seen only three have managed that and Shy tiff isn't one of them
A very sweet girl however and I wish her all the very best for the future and thanks for a fantastic time on the first punt!

19 review(s) found for shy.tiffany linked to in above post (15 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Red_baron

Sorry to hear it didn't go well.  Are you saying her performance drops off after the first time or did her appeal wane once you got past her looks.

Performance drop
Her appeal is very strong, pretty girl with a great body but a drop from the initial high.
I should have added that the duo was only made bearable by Shy Tiffany, there was however absolutly no interaction between the two girls. No double blow job, nothing! the other girl didn't kiss except for a peck and was very lazy,
I will upload her name when I remember it

Offline Expl1cit

This review sums up my feelings completely.  First visit, amazing! I enjoyed everything about it, the sex, her personality, looks, kissing etc.  Subsequent visits were good, very good actually but in hindsight didn't live up to the first booking and with decent but limited English, the conversation didn't flow easily but I still really enjoyed spending time with her.  I had my fluffy glasses on  :coolgirl:

The latest visit will be my last, despite planning a couple more visits for later this week before she leaves, which I won't go ahead with now.

It's a shame because she is a really great girl but in between some of the visits to her, I hooked up with a couple of other Polish girls, and while they were not as sweet & shy as Tiffany, I engaged in really good conversations  with both of them between sex, which for me makes a difference on repeat visits and making the overall experience better.  For me, it actually makes the sex better to fuck someone's brains out after you have engaged with them on another level.  It doesn't need to be a deep intellectual conversation either

Still I wish her all the best  :thumbsup:
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Offline tdh

First time poster - long time lurker.

I would agree, having been with ST a few times none were as good as the first time. Shame about the duo reviews as I had hoped to get in a punt with her and Emily before she departs. Having no luck in trying to contact her. Not responding to calls, texts or AW emails.

Offline xyfek

Tempted to try and see her before she moves on... Can anyone let me know if the photos are real?

Offline Red_baron

How was there a drop in performance? Did she come across as disinterested or was it an attitude thing?

I would like to see her before she goes, so would be interested about one particular difference, as I really thought she was top notch.

Offline phillipo

She is indeed off on Sunday.

I have to say - i've seen her every week since i first booked her a few weeks back, and our sessions have become increasingly intimate and passionate. As I said in my review, she doesn't offer the porno style pyrotechnics that some girls do, but i think she is a tremendous shag. And her tits are fabulous. I'm really going to miss her. And them.

Offline Red_baron

Got blown out today. Not happy. Booking had been arranged and they never replied to my confirmation this morning. Lost a day's work.

Offline comaminion

Got blown out today. Not happy. Booking had been arranged and they never replied to my confirmation this morning. Lost a day's work.

Then technically you never got blown :D

I would say drop a neg but if she is into the nether soon not much point

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