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Author Topic: Gosport Chinese Health Massage  (Read 1225 times)

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Offline snagz

Well I quite like the not knowing element of possibly getting a HE after a massage and wanted a massage so popped in for a half hour massage for £25.


Anyway, just walked in, no one was at the desk but a lady called from the corridor round the corner. She was mid 30s with a tidy body and think she was Chinese.

Asked for massage and was asked to strip and get on table. Good back and arm massage and then she pulled of my pants to massage my legs. She did slide her hands over my arse but not like they did when I was in Thailand.

She then asked me to turn over and then she massaged my head. And then said thank you. And that was it.

Oh well, it was a good massage! Maybe next time I'll try one round Portsmouth side and go for an hour.

Online Stiltskin

So you were lying there naked, face up, presumably erect and she didn't offer any extras?! Maybe she was waiting for you to ask.

Offline galileo

When she massaged your rear end did you make appreciative noises and raise your arse? That lets them know you are game just in case she is an any doubt

Online djng6

I have been there twice and they do offer HR, I managed to negotiate it for just an extra fiver? I suggest you call or text before hand to ask about it

Offline snagz

Yup, made the right noises when arse was being rubbed and yup was laying bollock naked face up with stiffy when head massage was given and she didn't bat an eyelid.

Next time I'll ask about the front massage!

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