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Author Topic: Masseus Vicky - Southampton  (Read 813 times)

5 review(s) for Tantra Vicky (2 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Larios

The link


The comms

A day or twos delay but apparently Vicky had been away and picked up on my email as soon as she was back. From then on it was very good with replies coming back straight away. Online booking offered and accepted and confirmed on AW.

The area

St Denys in Southampton. A hop away from the main station and for me that meant a quick change and 5 min train hop from Southampton park Broadway. The area was safe very quiet and secure. On arrival I called but despite the deluge of rain had to wait until dead on the appointment time. I was absolutely soaked and had more than ample reason to get my kit off on arrival. It's a semi and a very nice residence.

The girl

Vicky is what I would describe as pleasant looking without being an out and out boner on first sight girl. She has a fit body and I would put her in the mid to late thirties category. We didn't quite connect but her English is quite easy to understand. She has hidden her looks on her profile which is a minus for me.

The punt

I found her very friendly and accommodating but also fastidious to the point of neurotic. She came across to me as scared and distrustful of my cleanliness even though I was freshly showered and clean as a whistle. Another visit to the shower was agreed upon and this was under supervision believe it or not! Once I passed muster I was given a lovely massage with hot oil and some very beautiful boobs and hot body was used to good effect. The meet was moving nicely and Vicky was very attentive and building up an erotic atmosphere. But again she held back on really diving down on my cock preferring to tease and tempt.

This was a full professional massage with perks and I was then about three quarters of the way through when she mentioned that time might preclude any extras! By then I was dying for a fuck but at the same time was really enjoying the massage! The impression I get is Vicky would far prefer to be just a Masseus and happy ending merchant that full on service provider. She went on to give me a magnificent hand job and she has been indulging in a bit of manipulation of the anal area which presses my buttons! By now I was slippery and losing control, I blew my load (4 days worth to be exact) Vicky was visibly shocked at the amount of cum and again looked a bit lost during the business end of proceedings. She partially cleaned me up and left me with the delicate wet wipe job!

The verdict

I am tempted to give this a negative but that would be unfair. I had a very erotic time a blew a huge shuddering load. Vicky clearly knows how to make you feel good but she didn't go all out to change tack and go to full service mode as described in her profile. Having said that I should have been clear at the start about what I wanted.

So in leaving I was left with a slightly empty feeling that things could have been mind blowing but at the end of the day it was just good with some serious provisos. A bit confusing all in all. And unlikely to return as there are so many more girls to meet.

Probably as Masseus as per her profile more than a real wg.

5 review(s) found for Tantra Vicky linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Stiltskin

Good review. I tried to call her earlier, but she didn't pick up. Plans b & c didn't come off either :(

I'd intended to go for a very quick full body massage and then spend the rest of the time playing with her and finishing with a shag. I hate it when they have their own set routine.

Another thing, what is it with working girls and wet wipes?! They don't exactly soak up spunk. What's wrong with just handing out bog roll? It's cheaper and doesn't leave you smelling like a baby.

Offline Larios

Yeah, if you are going to see her make it clear at the start what the order of play will be. At the time I could have pushed it but was very much caught in the moment and didn't want to risk spoiling what was a nice experience.

And the wet wipes! Totally agree a roll of plenty would do the job just as well!  :timeout:

I forgot to mention 100 for the hour was going to be great value for money but just levelled out as average too.

There was also a minor irritation of her asking me to leave a nice review for her and that was done straight away. To date she hasn't left me any on aw.

Just a really mixed bag looking back on it.

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