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Author Topic: LusciousLilyx Glasgow  (Read 982 times)

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Offline guns

Paid this girl a visit today . She's been on my list for ages but tried to phone her a few times in the past and got no answer .
No problems today , answered first time and sounded really nice on the phone .
Saw me at short notice so was all good .
Comms were excellent . Text me the address and i called her when i got there and she gave me the buzzer number .
Nice modern flat next to Glasgow Green with a car park .
The flat was immaculate and the room was very nice , music on , candles , throws and cushions on the bed .
She looked immaculate aswell , tanned ,black stockings , red heels , black basque and make up , hair and big false nails . (not one for the lovers of the natural look  :D ).
Lovely looking girl . Looks eaarly twenties .
She seemed a bit " distracted" at first but came round a bit as i chatted to her . She wasn't making much eye contact but was still talkative and friendly .
Started with some oral with me lying down , some nice kissing and licking my balls too .
She got me to stand up and put my leg on the bed with her sitting on the edge and started giving me the best blowjob i've ever had .
Lots of deepthroat and spitting and no hands at all , which i hate . I nearly had to stop her a few times because i thought i was going to pop .
I honestly felt like just letting her finish me like that , it was that good.
Let me push her head right down on it to the back of her throat a few times . Amazing  :P . Could watch it all in the mirrored wardrobes too  :thumbsup:
Eventually had to stop her and i went down on her . Lovely clean shaven pussy .
Moved on to missionary with a little bit of kissing (not FK) but still nice . Still no eye contact though .
Went on to doggy , again watching it all in the mirror . Nice big bum and nice tits ( about C cups maybe pushing a D )
I knew i was going to pop so asked her for more oral . She whipped off the condom and sucked me till i blew the lot in her mouth .
Overall i would put this down as one of my top 5 punts ever and i'm planning to visit her again soon .

4 review(s) found for LusciousLilyx linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline guns

Just noticed the typo . Yes she had hair , it was long and black   ;)

Offline chico1000

Thanks for the review have nearly pulled the trigger before this may seal it.
Banning reason: Troll

Offline pilgrim

She could do really well in Glasgow if she gets herself and her profile sorted out.  If shes broken away from that demon devil child Lori then thats a positive.

Guns report lists a lot of positives, condition of flat, music, decor, clothing ect.  These are all good things that makes the punt a positive.

The profile needs the stats listed some where and some decent pictures.

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