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Author Topic: Carla at HOD / Annabellas?  (Read 407 times)

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Offline mrx007

This lovely well-established HOD favourite: http://houseofdivine.com/miltonkeynesescortandlondonescort.php?girlid=2270

I was after a guaranteed ball-emptying suck off so reading previous reviews about how eager to please Carla is had me reaching for the phone yesterday.

Carla was at a flat i hadn't been to in MK before, a modern block right in a shopping centre with the bonus of 3 hours free parking which makes a change in MK.

The girl: Carla is a full bodied all-woman attractive girl-next-door type. Recognised her from her photos straight away, probably a little bigger bodied and taller then I was expecting. Has a very engaging smile and started kissing passionately even before I handed the money over.

I'm there to give Carla the muck so here's what happened: fabulous sucking from Carla, didn't really deepthroat me but my cock is thicker than avarage (women told me that, I wouldn't know) but her skillful mouth and one-handed and two-handed action got me stiff as fuck.

She has nice natural large tits with responsive nipples and wrapped than around my cock and pumped them up and down on my shaft. I haven't had this done quite so smoothly and rhythmically before so this was a bonus.

Carla was very obliging and responded to what I wanted exactly: i.e. kneeling in front of me for a great mirror view: Carla positioned the mirror for optimum view and really capitalised on what i responded to or asked for, like looking into my eyes via the mirror with her mouth full of cock, stuck her tongue out for me to slap her tongue and face with my hardness, rubbed the glistening bulbous head of my cock around her lips.

I asked her if I could come on her face and if she would keep her mouth open to let me coat her tongue and show me what's inside.

She said she "preferes CIM to facials" and I didn't push it so said I'd squirt my cream all over her tongue.

As it happened, Carla got my aching balls to absolute bursting point and I squirted a big streak of cum across hger right check, across her eye and onto her forehead. She didn't flinch one bit and I was grateful I missed her eye. The rest was squirted firmly into her mouth while she sucked me until I had subsided.

She spat it into a tissue, told me I had time left for a massage and massaged me for a few minutes until my time was up, actually about 2 or 3 minutes over. Good general conversation with Carla. A very pleasant experience and I left beaming a ridiculous smile which I toned down quickly in case anyone's looking....

So in a nutshell: if you want an OK housewifey looking woman that knows how to please a man and is guaranteed to empty your nuts she is a good mainstay in MK. I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

There was someone before me as Carla asked me to wait in the bathroom while she "let another gentleman out" but nobody immediately after.

I had thought Carla was working on her own in this flat but when I was leaving there was a Blonde Girl with her back to me in the kitchen. I think it was Parissa http://houseofdivine.com/miltonkeynesescortandlondonescort.php?girlid=473 She's very pretty in the photos but bloody hell whoever it was was a seriously tall overpowering woman, tall and physically a bit overpowering to a poor lad like me so if that was Parissa I'll give her a miss. I've already seem Elizabeth at HOD and she was taller and larger boned than I like but obviuously we don't all like the same things....

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