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Author Topic: Sophia (Amour)  (Read 1499 times)

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This was a half-hour incall, costing £50.00.

Excellent. I called around 1:30 to see if I could arrange a meeting at 3:00. The phone was answered quickly and I was told Sophia would be available. After being told this I asked if I could check her whereabouts. (I live in South Shields and didn’t fancy knocking on a door a few yards away from where I live). On being reassured on that score, I confirmed the booking. A text came through seconds later with Sophia’s full address.

A newish semi on a small estate in a residential area of South Shields. There were quite a few cars parked nearby so parking might be difficult. But I don’t drive and I got to the venue by bus. I was early for the appointment so I got off the bus well before I needed to and walked slowly there to kill time. On the way back I found out the estate is close to a busy bus route with services every 10 minutes in both directions. (I’d say the journey home was about 15-20 minutes). Although there were a few people around, I didn’t feel I was being watched or overlooked. When I got inside, the parts of the house I saw were neat and clean and tidy. The bedroom was smallish but there was a big comfortable bed.

Sophia is an attractive young woman, with a nice face and a very appealing smile. She has an attractive figure with nice smallish boobs, long legs and a big firm bum (something I always find appealing in a woman).
Sophia is friendly, if a little shy. She laughs easily and doesn’t come across as uninterested or stand-offish, as some girls do. She is from out of the area, though not that far away.

The meeting
Sophia answered the door dressed in tight black jeans and a black top. I followed her upstairs to the bedroom so I could get a preliminary view of her behind; very nice. After I had handed the money over, we started to undress. She took off her jeans and top and lay down on the bed with me, dressed in her (black) underwear. She’s an OK kisser, but I don’t think she does tongues, which was a bit of a let-down; I like a good sloppy snog, but I wouldn’t mark her down for that because overall I thoroughly enjoyed myself. After a minute or two kissing she took off her bra, and I started fondling and kissing her boobs; she has quite nice, sensitive nipples.

I then got between her thighs, slipped off her knickers and began licking her pussy. It was nice and fresh, and must be very sensitive judging by the sounds and movements she was making. When I surfaced, she was smiling, which I took as a compliment, and when I asked her she said she had enjoyed it. We then got into a 69 and she started sucking me, while I got to work with my tongue again. She’s good with her mouth, though I have to admit not as good as some other girls I’ve met. Eventually I put on a condom for missionary sex. She’s quite tight, and quickly got very wet while I pumped away. I suggested we changed into doggy position, which didn’t really work, so we decided to lie side by side so she could administer hand relief, which was most enjoyable.

With five minutes or so left, we chatted until we had recovered our composure, and I got dressed, and she saw me out with another kiss. I didn’t feel rushed at any time and it was I, not Sophia, who checked the time.

Did I enjoy the meeting? Yes.
Was she worth the time and money? Yes.
Would I meet her again? Maybe, though not because of any shortcomings on Sophia’s part, but because of rather limited resources; there are two girls I meet regularly once a month, so it is not always affordable to meet others.
Would I recommend her? Certainly.

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Offline Third Man

good review iv been looking at her profile and thought she looked good, and there is next to no info on here.  Seems well worth a visit,

Nice review. Definitely worth considering. So many to choose from. Going to have to stick wth my favourites until that lottery comes up though.

Going to have to stick wth my favourites until that lottery comes up though.

You and me both.

Offline Mansell

Good review, thanks. Allure have certainly got some great girls working for them.

Offline Rod trotter


Sounds nowt special, Amour seem intent on average these days
Banning reason: Pathetic little shit threatening Admin that he would get himself banned unless his account is deleted


Sounds nowt special, Amour seem intent on average these days

It's all a matter of opinion in the end. I enjoyed my half hour.

Offline Looking4fun

Good review sounds like you enjoyed yourself

Why did doggy not work out

I'm 64, take Viagra, and it doesn't always work as well or last as long as it's supposed to.

Offline alfie2013

Good on you, life in the old doggy yet  :)

Offline bigfish

Saw her when on aw working in Teesside. She'll never be a wild pse, but she is a lovely friendly girl, pretty and a lovely body. Also willing to take a facial without flinching, which is always a bonus.

Saw her when on aw working in Teesside. She'll never be a wild pse, but she is a lovely friendly girl, pretty and a lovely body.

Yes. That's how I'd describe her.

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