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Author Topic: Recent topic on AdultWork client notes on WG side.  (Read 344 times)


There was a topic a while ago that discussed the validity of AW notes on the WG side not punter side. From what I gather, there is a red, orange and green colour to flag a punter profile as being good, questionable or dangerous or something like that. This can be seen by the owner just like punter notes but also WG's have the option to make it public so other WG's can see bad clients.

From what I can tell there was no real conclusion drawn as to whether it was 1) of value 2) open to abuse by anyone with a grudge and 3) whether WG's actually use it especially if the AW fb is good.

Was this topic really closed, I don't like a system that does not allow the other side to comment on validity. (not that I can do anything about it). I would like to hear some of the WG's opinions on this if possible. Crikey any of us could have glowing fluffy AW feedback and a big red X against our profile.

Just curious if we are relaxed and moved on from this issue......

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The Notes system was abolished months ago, so yes this topic is now closed :)


Really! Thank you. Nice to hear AW listened for once.

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