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Author Topic: Anyone met this girl ?  (Read 810 times)

No, but I don't know what's more off-putting bareback or the ironing board....  :thumbsdown:

Offline David1970

I think she looks pure dead class mate. A Castlemilk super model.
I sure she will give you a bottle of buckie before the punt, or from her colour a can of Tango.

Offline seeker

I see smiling comes naturally to her
She will be more nervous than the poor
Bastard that goes to see her  :scare:

Offline seeker

Or is that her showing
She's got all her teeth  :D :D

Offline David1970

Why she be nervous she has been a hooker for 5 years, I have never seen a profile for her in 5 years has any one else?

Offline auldie63

No price list/contact No., not logged in for a month: maybe she's doin the hooverin and puttin away the ironing. She's too far awa' fur me but anybody oot there brave enough to TOFTT.

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