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Author Topic: Best & Worst experiences...  (Read 603 times)

Offline Zzxxx

What are everyones Best & Worst experiences punting?.. Does not matter if you don't remember names but any other info such as locations, fees and what you got up to would be good!  :P

I'll start the ball rolling..

Best: Cannot remember name and she is no longer on AW, Based in Swadlincote derbys, She was the 1st ever WG i saw (i have yet to find better!),I was still in a relationship at the time but it was fizzling out, She was mid 30's housewife, married with kids, Booking was for an hour incall for £90 (9 years ago!), It was 10pm and her hubby and young kids were downstairs!, She told me she had a job (and what it was) and was doing this for a bit cos hubby had gone off sex and she could earn cash for holidays, We started off with some heavy french kissing, Then she gave me OWO and swallowed the lot, She then sucked me back hard again and we had sex in 4 different positions before having anal sex then we went back to missionary position and i came a second time. It did not bother me her hubby being downstairs, Bit of a turn on to be honest! Have been on a pursuit ever since to find better!

Worst: Cannot remember name nor do i want to, Don't think she is on AW anymore, I set up a reverse booking and she came back to me with an offer of £90 for 2 hours including massage giving and receiving, The experience was made all the worse by her giving me a wrong postcode and i ended up wasting an entire evening trying to find her before realising she had sent me somewhere 50 miles away! We rearranged for the following week, I turned up on time, She had a flat in a high rise in birmingham, I got to her door and new i should have walked away, It looked as though someone had knocked it in or tried to, When she opened the door she looked 10 years older than her profile picture as well as chubbier, She also had needle marks on her arm, The flat was dingy dark and cold, She apologised cos of cold n dark saying her boyfriend had not topped the meters up(!!), We got down to business starting with kissing but she did not seem into it, She then gave me a blowy with johnny on, To be honest i was having a job to keep it up, We then got down to shagging, tried 2 different positions but the girl was loose as fuck and very unresponsive, after 20 minutes she asked me to leave, i asked for a refund but she said go or i'll fetch my boyfriend(!!) I left, It was then i realised her feedback was fake and i could not leave negative feedback as she had not confirmed, Nor could i contact anyone on site to report it to, This was 5 years ago and it put me off punting for a good year!

Your turn!...
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Offline SirFrank

I'm still in therapy for my worst and get sick in my mouth whenever I think about her thunder thighs and beefy minge. For that reason alone, I've decided to no longer talk about it and, like the final 3 episodes of only fools and horses (where they lost their millions) I now just pretend it never happened.
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Best, maybe when I was with Zoe of Manchester last week, having a truly epic blowjob while watching her fabulous arse in the mirror, perhaps tonguing Kirsty blondes pussy with Pippa Manchester helping and kissing each other as we went along, or perhaps this coming Sunday with my favorite
Worst, the outcall who I saw parking her car and thought please don't let it be her, it was! Or perhaps the minger in her grubby flat that smelt of cats, who was supposedly squirting as she rode me cowgirl, seemed like piss to me this warm fluid pouring over me, quite disturbing!

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