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Author Topic: Jessie24 (Leeds)  (Read 667 times)

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Offline bod666

https://www.adultwork.com/3075735 or https://www.adultwork.com/+Jessie24

Thought I'd TOFTT as the email comms with Jessie had been quite encouraging.  However it wasn't the best - negative may be a bit harsh as I think it's borderline neutral.

Comms: good - email response via aw and text responses quite quick.  Possibly was not Jessie as her English isn't great.

Venue: it's a well used apartment not far from the train station with lots of expensive parking near by.  I saw Amazing Victoria in the same apartment last week (which was a positive - review pending).  The room was a bit messy and was rather dark.  Radio burbling away in the back ground.

Girl: Good looking, nice figure, not very smiley though.  Came across a bit cold and workmanlike.

Punt: English was basic so not much in the way of building a rapport via chit chat. Asked me how long I wanted (I went for half hour at £60).  She disappeared pointing out the bathroom as she went.
Eventually came back - starting caressing my junk through my boxers - she was wearing a bikini top and knickers. I decided to get nekkid and lie on the bed - caressing continued turning into owo - the oral was good - this bit was definitely a positive.  Very enjoyable.

Sex was lubed up in missionary only - she was making some unhappy noises as I eased in so I figured she may be a bit sore from too much work during the day.  I took it nice and slow and gentle and she eventually relaxed into it.  She had told me previously not to cum in the condom as she wasn't on the pill.  Fair enough I'm not going to spurn the chance to spurt over someone's tits.

I can't tell whether the noises she was making were owwy ones or sexual enjoyment.  The whole time she lay there looking away to the side.  There was no kissing offered, I didn't try either.

eventually I reached the point of no return so pulled off the mac and wanked over her body. Lots of wet wipes to clean up then she immediately jumped off the bed and disappeared into the bathroom leaving me alone while she had a quick shower.

I took the hint and pulled my clothes on - bit of chit chat and then I left with mixed feelings.

Not one of my better punts.  I'm a bit of a fluffy and enjoy the gfe - this was more of a pump and dump. 

Not sure how long she's been escorting but she's probably seeing too many people so not enjoying it much.

There was another blonde girl in the apartment who looked bustier but I didn't get a good look at her.

Can't really recommend.   



1 review(s) found for Jessie24 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Leeds is so bad lately. Sorry you had bad time bod. I was wondering if all north is like that or is it just Leeds. Have to try a punt in Manchester.

Offline stevedave

Thanks for the review, bod. I've been looking at her profile recently but was undecided...I think you may have made my mind up for me :drinks:

I think the blonde she shares an apartment with might be https://www.adultwork.com/2907401 or https://www.adultwork.com/SexxxxxyBlonde - an educated guess, largely due to their profiles being very similar.

Looking forward to your review on Victoria, she's a good'un. Was hoping to see her when she was back in Leeds over the past couple of weeks, but due to a mixture of a stinking cold and then going away for a week, I was unable to meet up with her again.

Offline bod666

it wasn't a bad time per se - it just wasn't anything special.  It wasn't down there with some of the appalling punts I've had with Romanian WGs.  I didn't leave feeling like I'd wasted my money.  Just not my preference for the way I like a punt to go.

Agree Leeds isn't great right now.  I would have gone to see Roxy if she was in Leeds - but think she's in Bradford randomly?

Amazing Victoria was great - went to see her for 30 minutes and she was one of the most enthusiastic punts I've ever seen. Really nice girl, great English, was a good fun, naughty punt. I only saw her for 30 minutes but if I wasn't already knackered I would have extended to an hour as she was truly amazing.  Probably not everyone's cup of tea as she's not a stick insect but personally I can't wait for her to come back to Leeds - she was great.

Steve think you're right about the other girl - their profile is identical! If I'd noticed that I probably wouldn't have bothered (or gone to see the other girl).  Ah well.
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Offline johnboy007

Even her own profile says, 'DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME'  :D

Was Jessie24 as good looking as Roxy, would you say? Or as good looking as the blonde SexxxxxyBlonde (going off the pics) ?
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Offline bod666

Hmm tough call. I'd say Roxy is more attractive but then I prefer brunettes. based on the profile pics the other girl is prettier but I didn't see her in the flesh.  Jessie was a solid 7/10 certainly pretty enough and great figure. She has one of those faces that lights up when she smiles but unfortunately I didn't get many smiles out of her.

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