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Author Topic: Swindon / UK Sandra  (Read 735 times)

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Offline 123Mel456

https://www.adultwork.com/1906236 or https://www.adultwork.com/uk+sandra

From About Sept 2014 & again in March this year 2015 - as said previously, new cummer and just catching up with a few good punts - Added this even tho' it is a bot old as she was good
She used to be known as Amarissa and passes herself off as Spanish but if she is Spanish she must have been in this country too long as she has forgotten a lot of it ;)  Can't place the accent but pretty certain not Spanish

Had a few eMail back and forth trying to get a time we could both make.  Booked using the AW system and she had gone on holiday but did apologise and gave me an early booking on her return which was nice as she had a lovely tan so had obviously been somewhere - she said Spain....

Her Place:
Met at her place, in West Swindon, not far from the cinema and hotel
Tidy place, she lives there too  as he dog was outside I found out after :)

Booked for an hour £100 , sorted the paperwork on arrival.  I had asked she was wearing stockings and suspenders but just in a lightweight see thru' neglige.  Jeez she has a decent bidy.  Very trim. Totally shaven but a decent slim ass to watch up the stairs. She has lovely long blonde hair and speaks very well.  Very chatty, had a good laugh.

Services / events:
Start kissing, not DFK but nice kissing with some passion and I soon explore her body.
Cuddles / kissing / exploring - Nothing on under the neglige , small tits but firm and nipples reacted nicely to a suck and nibble and soon got hard.
RO -  Couldnt wait to go down on her and she tasted really good, very fresh and got pretty wet
OWO - Pussy was fairly tight, plenty of OWO which was very good, all mouth action with very little hand and she even popped a finger lightly in my ass which I have not had before and was good.
69 - got a real  good feel of her ass whilst I had a face full of her , grinding down on me - gorgeous!.

She gave me more Oral and wanted to finish in her mouth but she said I could cum over her tits or face but not in her mouth.  Came across her tits

Had a chat and a nice light massage which wasn't the best but she did turn me over and got to work on my cock with hands and mouth to make sure I could manage a second effort

Went back down on her to get hard again and then slipped on a condom for a bit of missionary and finished doggy style.  She got too tight at the end as if she was trying to force herself (or more than likely me) to cum and I popped out just as I was about to cum so pulled the rubber off and ended up wanking it off over her ass - shame as it felt a bit of desperate attempt to finish properly

Nice chat after, even had a minute playing with the dog.  Really nice girl Have been back once since in March but this was only a quickie OWO to completion over her face which we had agreed before we met. She is very accommodating , I asked her to get straight down to it on arrival and although she didn't undress from her gym style gear she did exactly that and did a good job on me  and looked fucking awesome enough anyway! :)

All in all she was decent enough and will return again sometime I am sure

2 review(s) found for uk sandra linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

OWO - Pussy was fairly tight, plenty of OWO which was very good,
You're doing it wrong.  :lol:

Shes not been around since March. Hungarian.

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