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Author Topic: Candie xxx Cane Wolverhampton  (Read 1925 times)

2 review(s) for tammy lee (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


 https://www.adultwork.com/1647043 or https://www.adultwork.com/Candie+xxx+came


To begin, there are a few comments and one review on here for Candie, previous names Tammy and even Tillie and none of it has been particularly complimentary but I can only tell it as I found it. (Yes after my visit she changed her name to Came instead of Cane)

This was my first ever attempt at a same day booking. I called Candie at 10am and got a call back 15 minutes later. She said that she had an offer on for two girl for 230 with Sassia who is also mentioned on UKP. I said I was not ready for a 2 girl session to which she said no worries, 150 for just her. I gOt the post code and said I would see her at 3. I arrived and texted her as such, then I got a call on Sassia's phone number and was told to come to the house.

When the door opened it was Candie who answered, yes she admits she sometimes uses the wrong phone. Candie is extremely petite, no more than 5 foot and only came up to my shoulders in high heels, short blonde bobbed hair, pretty definitely mid twenties, slim with lovely large boobs. I didn't see Sassia but she was there somewhere keeping a low profile. We went straight upstairs and I had a quick shower. I was on the bed and Candie immediately remover top and bra and stuck her large pert boobs in my face and i proceeded to give them a good seeing to. I know she is tiny because in this position I usually have to tilt my neck up but with Candie her boobs were eye level if that. I grabbed her ass and slowly lowered her panties. Her pussy is beautifully shaven and I proceeded to give it a good licking, not just the clit but the whole pussy. I slowly moved so that Candie could reach my cock and she started OWO. I then did something new, 69 but with me on top which she also did willingly. At this point she shuddered and came (or high class faked it). Next she turned me round and put the hat on before (her choice) straddled me Cowgirl. Now this is where it really got interesting, before she started anything she hooked both her lower legs and ankles over my legs so rather than grinding like most girls do, she started literally to go up and down. It was amazing to see my shaft slide in and out, I rarely cum from cowgirl so I didn't hold back and came a few minutes later. Fabulous and she claimed she came at the same time. Round 2 was a ton more OWO and RO, in particular some solid 69, right up to the gong at 4pm. Wow ! Oh and I had at least a few DFK's and lots of FK

Candie pressed a few buttons for me that were enlightening, the cowgirl experience, the realisation that I like little blondes and will hunt them out and that obviously she knows how to give as good a punt as any if she so chooses.

So what am I to make of this. I have several theories so take your pick. 1) I caught Candie on a good day 2) I was extremely courteous and never once criticised even when I heard Sassia crashing around downstairs 3) Despite having a partner Candie actually performs better when it is just herself and warmed to me in private 4) Who the hell knows, stars in right place.

Pros: Hot blonde pocket rocket, D tits all natural, loves RO, unreserved with OWO, very friendly.

Cons: 120 would be a better price but I was testing out my same day booking skills which aren't great, Sassia banging around downstairs, no comms after booking and no promised feedback as of two weeks later.

Would I see again, based on my experience yes in a second but I also have to catch her !!!!

2 review(s) found for tammy lee linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)


Candii's back

Pocket rocket is in Devon you lucky b......   PUNTERS  :yahoo:


This is not promoting this girl but on my review I said her profile goes down when she does not work.

Anyone who read my review but could not access her profile, today is the day to do it.  :dance:


She is in Devon, read my review and the rest is nothing to do with me.

 :mad: :yahoo: :angry: :drinks:
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Why not just post it on your review, or ask Amin to update the link on the review  :unknown:


yeah I wasn't sure how to do it.

I'll PM admin

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