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Author Topic: LSS Edinburgh: Nadine  (Read 1174 times)

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Offline portable

I was in Edinburgh recently, and have never been to a sauna before so after doing a little homework here, decided to visit London St.

I was shown around by a girl (can't remember her name. Slim, attractive but a bit dopey) and decided to have a 30 min stay, with "Nadine", a Brazilian girl, cute, quite curvy, who was in the lounge when I got back upstairs. There was also an attractive brunette in the lounge who was very busty, and had tattoos, but she didn't really seem all that happy to be there, and wasn't really making eye contact all that much, so I went for the more friendly girl, and am glad I did!

Entry fee was £20, Nadine's fee for 30 mins was £55. Obligitory shared shower before, and a quick one afterwards.

Pros: Very frisky, friendly girl, great oral technique (owo, no CIM) and great on top. She was about a size 12-14 I think but certainly not 'fat'.
Just minor things really. Despite her seemingly enjoying what she was doing, there was a certain 'routine' to proceedings, and she was way too chatty. Friendly with it, but just a bit OTT for me.

As for the venue, I just wished I'd had a bit more time to stay before/afterwards to make the most of the entry fee (£20 was a bit much) and used the Jacuzzi and sauna. I'm sure I read that Bridge St. was the one with the entry fee but must have got it wrong.

So the fact that you pay an entry fee, even if you're only there 30 mins and don't use the facilities, and also the fact that it's not discreet at all, means this was almost a neutral review, though inside was fine and I liked the setup. I was just very surprised to find the place practically right next to a grocers, and with a fairly open little space down the steps off the street. I think there was even a parking meter right nearby too.

Anyway, If Nadine had been a conventional incall session, definitely positive. She was cute, friendly, and really knew what she was doing, which is all a boy can ask for. I'd probably have been happy even if she only offered OW, but I'm glad she did OWO.

If I was to return to Edinburgh, I'd be happy to visit again.

Agreed portable, she's a good punt.   :thumbsup:
Picked her about a year ago on my one and only visit to LSS. On my rare sauna jaunts I was usually a BSS man. However,  on this day, they had nothing that tickled my fancy, no Heidi or Daisy, so I thought I'd give LS a go. Out of the 10 or so girls on in London St  Nadine was head and shoulders above anyone else. I picked her completely on her looks, expecting the usual Romanian lacklustre service with no FK, OWO etc.
Got such a pleasant surprise in the room though with DKF, OWO and she was a great fuck. What a set of tits on her too!! :bomb:
Didn't realise she was still around , I may be tempted back now....
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Offline sammy222

So she's now saying she's Brazilian! Romanian as they come, but full on service unlike most- ex NTS a good while back

Saw her in the lounge twice, she is very extrovert and friendly, but too big by far for me, the girl with the tats and pisspoor attitude will be Rebecca, another Romanian.

Offline portable

So she's now saying she's Brazilian! Romanian as they come, but full on service unlike most- ex NTS a good while back

I thought there was something a little odd about her accent. Kind of mixed enough to not think anything of it though. I think there was even the smallest hint of Scottish accent there too.

Went with this girl in August on my wee spree and thought she was great. Gonna call up later on and see if she's stil there. I like LSS and how it's run and its usually always busy when I used to go in.

Agree with everything you said. Cim would have been good. Do any of the girls in lss do that? Cause I do like the girls there.

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