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Author Topic: Claudia claudita of Swindon  (Read 541 times)

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The Premises
Easy to find place in West Swindon, not far from the Oasis centre and cinema hotel complex. Easy to park very close, all free on and off street parking , ideal and not overlooked at all - feel very safe an no one walking around as on a residential estate.
Obviously a rented place, no furniture downstairs and asked to take shoes off as soon as throguh the door. Upstairs is very dark with all curtains drawn, silk sheets , comfy bed.
House looks rough from outside, old curtains and knackered but tidy and well kept inside.
Had to wait in the car on arrival. Had her number and post code from the text conversation we had but I had to ring for the house number. I was 5 mins early and she made me wait those 5 mins to get ready. said she hadnt got the outfit on I requested
The Lady
A very good looking girl who looks stunning in the full kit (bra, stockings and suspenders). Firm body altho' during the meet she did tell me she has had a child, still pretty tight pussy and a superb ass, looks as good as she does in her AW pictures. English isn't great, certainly not her first language but enough to understand what you want. Probably about 5ft 6 in heels and nice tan all over. About 25 years old , long soft blonde hair which she left loose to fall over her back . Very tactile and didn't object to my kissing and wondering hands as soon as we got in the door, smelt good too
The  Punt
Was dubious when saw the state of the house but when inside was pleasantly surprised. She answered door in silk shawl, followed her upstairs and could see her ass and it looked good under the silk dressing gown. you know how good it looks when you just get that half a butt look and this looked really good.
Took dress gown straight off and instant erection, she looked amazing in the black stockings and suspenders I had asked her to wear this in the calls we made to arrange the meet. the exact same as in her AW profile.
Started by french kissing her, OK but wanted to stop too quickly and not very deep or long but allowed it for 20 seconds or so, then kissing her neck and started with gentle moaning as I kisssed up and down her body, still stood up,  so thought i was doing ok, whipped her bra off and nipples were rock hard and big, sucked gently at first,  she stopped me sucking to hard but enjoyed nibbling, kissed all over her body with special attention to her lovely ass.
Off with the underwear and lay on bed, she was totally shaven and she seemed to be enjoying my tongue deep inside her and flicking her clit and she was making all the right noises but when I looked up she was looking at her nails - disappointing.
Stood up and got her to strip me down, after giving the old chap a right good wipe with wet wipes she finally took me in her mouth for a light OWO, it was not very deep and she told me as soon as she took me in her mouth and very straight that no CIM, BJ was not too bad, mouth only and got me in the right mood but as soon as I moaned and daid that it was nice it was on with the condom.
Lay her on the bed and went back down on her, very clean and moaned but again playing with nails so decided would sink inside her, not that responsive , hammered her pretty hard in missionary with her legs round her ears, she complained I was a bit too deep for her but not for long enough and I came in the rubber far too soon. Well, it had been a long time...
A bit of a pregnant pause followed and thought she was going to kick me out after only 15 mins of a 1 hour call, but She offered me a massage which I accepted and was OK, fairly firm but wouldn't play with my ass.   Think he lack of English made that moment awkward.
I then Offered her a massage as I thought another view of her ass and pussy from behind would get me hard again,I  started with her sat up on the bed and half way thru' she picked up her mobile and started ti SMS someone. Not happy and she apologised and put it down when she had finished it and lay on bed
Carried on with massage and I had delight in really working on her lovely ass which got me hard and moved up her so that was prodding her ass firmly with my erection and she said , no anal hahahahah I thought and was surprised she didn't think I was going to slip into her bareback, not that i would,but had it been the Mrs would have slipped in her right then in either hole.
Turned her over and massaged her front with hands and mouth, nice tits and they respond well to lick and nibble, back down on her and this time she enjoyed it more and I was surprised when she started playing with her own tits, she as starting to show she was enjoying it so I wet her finger and placed it on her clit whilst my tongue was inside her, which got us both going. she started to gently wank her self off and was getting pretty wet now.  Now she seemed far more responsive and went willingly into a 69 and she played with me very well whilst i tongued and fingered her, she was sucking a lot better this time with a firm wank of my hard cock going on as she took my much deeper in her throat. She kept that going for a while as it was getting really good and she was moaning louder but again as soon as I moaned that it was nice again she was back on with the condom.
This time I bent her over the bed and wanted to have a good look at that ass whilst I banged her hard from behind, and not as quick this time and and I think her cummming was what took me over the edge so  I whipped the condom off and jerked a decent load over her ass and back which she seemed OK with too.
We sat on the bed and chatted and she started playing with my cock again asking if I could cum a 3rd time, but I wasn't sure I could manage it but willing to give it a go , she did try to get him back into action but her phone rang twice whilst she was working me that just didn't do it for me, so lost the feeling for it and said my good byes. Left 10 mins before the hour was up
All in all a good punt, she has a great body and as good as in her pictures, and get your moneys worth just not as responsive and close enough to a girl friend experience as I like but a decent shag

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