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Author Topic: Carolina - Notting Hill  (Read 711 times)

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First post here so hopefully I do this right.

I'm a long time lurker but decided to sign up to highlight a bad experience I had today with Carolina of Notting Hill.

Seeing the very good feedback on her AW page, I phoned her and the conversation was pleasant enough. She sounded like a nice lady. Arranged a time. Showered, dressed up and off I went. The venue was easy to find. It is a single flat (5 mins from Notting Hill Gate station) with shared toilet/shower facilities. Very off-putting and guess I should have walked away upon seeing that.

Carolina opened her door and greeted me politely and was bursting with energy, she had a can of beer open on her table. We had a little ice breaker which was also cordial, and then she abruptly asked for the money. Bit rude in tone of voice but I thought nothing of it and paid duly.

So got down to business. She was very fidgety and didn't seem to be very comfortable with me despite my friendly nature. I tried kissing her body and she pulled back loudly saying she was extremely ticklish. I was taken aback but thought fair enough. So started caressing her wish my hands and suddenly again she complained of being too ticklish.

So I then had to touch her "not too hard" and "not too soft". I kept apologising for any discomfort I unintentionally caused. I started for F.K her but her lips didn't move much. She bushed her hands lightly on my body.

Thereafter any attempt I made to touch her, no matter how tactful, was met with negative reaction. Despite m growing frustration I tried to be helpful and sensitive.
Her BJ was mechanical and uncomfortable. I tried to get her to do something else but got a sarcastic response. We went for missionary sex (I had to rub myself to get stiff). It was over in 5 mins.

Amazingly all this got us through the hour that I'd booked.

I then queried her strange attitude. She was very defensive and avoided answering. I complained that her manner in expressing her discomfort was not good. She became rude and aggressive. Then she relented saying there was no chemistry. I expressed my dismay at being treated so shabbily. At the end she shook my hand and I made my way out.

Well I lasted the hour and came in her so not all bad, but would definitely not return and urge anyone here to avoid her like the plague. Full service my foot. Unless you're a rad Pitt lookalike it's unlikely you'll be treated very well.

1 review(s) found for carolina-london linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Online king tarzan

i have meaning to see her, but always on close inspection at her photos she looks well rinsed and tits saggy...
i stayed away and now after reading the above review for very god reason too!!!
would never ever see her now...

Online king tarzan

what a waste of £150... i always see latinas on circumspect high alert.. there attitude just switches very abruptly... especially if they are from brazil... brown skinned or white or negroid.. from brazil there attitude is very abrupt in a split second..... they also tend not to kiss..
boyfriends and husbands back home who have absolutely no idea what they are doing here for the money but they reserve the dfk for them back home..

Offline Persie

Prostitution is legal out there so they should be good whores.

I tend avoid them as they can be a bit deceitful with wah they claim to offer
Banning reason: Stalking prossies on Facebook and threatening to out them

Online king tarzan

I tend avoid them as they can be a bit deceitful with wah they claim to offer


£150/hr and she wants you to feel guilty if you don't bring her a gift  :dash:

"Why not bring a bottle of good wine or even flowers. It doesn't matter if you can't , as you might not have time if it's during a busy day"

Prostitution is legal out there so they should be good whores.

I tend avoid them as they can be a bit deceitful with wah they claim to offer
To be fair I have met a few Brazilian working girls in the past and they have been absolutely lovely. Which is why Carolina's service was such a surprise.

But there's always someone to let  the side down I guess.

Offline yumyum3

But there's always someone to let  the side down I guess.
As you famously wrote many years ago, Jean: "Hell is other people."
And to think you're alive and well, visiting prostitutes in London. Is it helping with your existential angst? :unknown:

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