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Just some info, doesn't really count as a review but might be useful to somebody. I've seen her mentioned here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=64868.msg827809;topicseen#msg827809 and seems to fit the category of shenanigans on her listying and probably too good to be true. Anyway I was passing through the area, thought I'd give it a go and pretty much expected to walk but happy to punt if she was how she looked. Oh and I phoned earlier to confirm - £50/30, and being filmed included.

Opened the door and was shocked at what was in front of me - it WAS the girl in the pictures but marginally hotter in the flesh. We go up to the room, I mention being filmed - £20 extra. Grrrr, oh well I can live without. Then she asks for the price, £60. AW says 50. She cribs a bit but agrees to £50, but no OWO for that price.

I had a punting walled with £55 (plus some more in the car but not the point) in and just walked - if she offered any kind of decent service she's worth the money, but I hate being lied to and if you have a bit of tension at the outset it doesn't make for a good punt. I did regret every step as I walked away.

I note today she upped her price on the profile to £60/£100 from 50/90.

Please someone TOFTT. I am tempted to phone up her profiler, get it ironed out exactly what is included cos she was hot.

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