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Author Topic: naughtylada - plymouth  (Read 1221 times)

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Offline jlike

Went to see naughtylada this evening after I was cancelled by someone else I had a booking with, https://www.adultwork.com/2432260 or https://www.adultwork.com/naughtyLada . Comms ok so drove 12 miles to her flat in Plymouth for a £100 hot oil massage etc. I have a bit of psorasis, just a few patches of flaky skin and she seemed concerned about this so I said we can cancel if you wish. She said no it was ok so we went ahead. No hot oil in sight anywhere, just baby oil and a very second rate massage, she seemed almost disinterested. She also asked if the psorasis would be passed on to her and I explained it was a condition and not an infection so no it would not be. Then I went and touched her tits and she said 'no, sensitive'. Well that was it, I said no more as I am leaving and I want my money back as I had only been there 15mins. We argued over how much and I eventally got £60 back and walked out. Maybe having seen Sarathiamassage (who has now left Plymouth and gone back to Birmingham) I was expecting too much as she was a little gem. Once the money had been handed over naughtylada seemed to be disinterested and just going through the motions, I personally would not reccommend her and will certainly not be going back.

2 review(s) found for naughtyLada linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

I have a bit of psorasis, just a few patches of flaky skin and she seemed concerned about this so I said we can cancel if you wish.
I get this to, If I have a flare up will cancel but if just a few patches always go to girls with reasonable English language skills as you can explain easier.

Sorry it was shit for you and good one getting some cashback !

Offline Andyply

Verg sorry to hear that, but good on you good on you god getting money back.  I have commented on a few threads (about Lada previously) about lacklustre extra services she advertises, didn't for one moment think that would now include the "massage".  Way to fragile for me, too many No's to this etc.. simple things like 69 position bad back, cowgirl position... No whining.... I was allowed to gently fondle her nice tits once for a very short time nano seconds, but not the nipples, too sensitive.  Bollocks, just does not wang he'd prized assets damaged ( which nakd he'd feel younger  :sarcastic:)  What did she expect me to do when I saw them, she's a WG with an expensive and attractive boob job and she whacks them out during our booking.  I'm  a true gent, especially with Asian Ladies, but find her lack of enthusiasm and sexual energy just a tad ironic ax she earns her living as a pristifute does she not. 
Did you read the reviews on her, easy to find on here.  Just try giving her oral and see how long that lasts for, I think Roy Castle and Norris Mcwhirter were there with a stop watch, owo if you pay extra is even shorter, dong think her heart is in it, age catching up, hence the boob lift and almost disinterested attitude and non enjoyment of a session, I be seen about four times but never since z year or so ago, I wonder why. Did you leave a AW comment too.  :thumbsdown:  sorry for the poor tip, I found her massage and HR genuinely good but would only pay £80 tips for this. 
Can I ask if you got more from Sara? I only really fondled her lovely bottom and tits, is she coming back?
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Offline jlike

Don't worry about the tip, it could have turned out good but did not this time. Her attitude and whole demeanure was totally opposite to Sara. I am always polite to wg's, my feedback on AW from them very often says 'true gent' etc. I know that might be coded wording for boring but turns up on time, pays quickly, only wants GFe and pisses off quickly after his time is up but I do get repeat bookings with several. I could only leave feedback on AW as Lada never confirmed the booking but I made it perfectly clear what I thought of her service.
Maybe I was expecting too much after Sara who was a little gem who I only got to see the once. Her profile said she was off on holiday so I texted her last weekend asking when her holiday was and was she available this weekend. Did not haer anything for several days and then got a text from her saying sorry she missed my text, she had been meditating at a temple for the past 7 days and only just got out. A second text from her said she was moving back to Birmingham and not coming back to Plymouth. i think that shows how nice Sara is, she need not have got back to me as there was no business in it for her, but she did.
What did I get from Sara, hot oil massage, HR and fondle her bum, tits and clit, not full sex but that was never advertised anyway. At the end of the day I got far more from Sara than I did Lada.

Offline Andyply

Great, I'm a very similar punter to yourself.  :drinks: hope she returns one day, I got a text too, again shows what a nice lady she is compared to a very (have to be careful here) deceitful/ deceptive Lada.  I think Lada tries to provide as little as possible and feeds off nice gents like you and myself, a little past her best perhaps. Also I think she thinks she's it, in looks wise, and only has to do the bare minimum to think she had provided a decent service.  Sara on the other hand was very thorough, good at talking and taking an interest in her clients. I chatted to her lots, she has a nice laugh/giggle, told me lots about her life in Thailand  and her "therapy" course she is studying at a "university".  I find it a shame she couldn't find lots of clients as she offers a very genuine therapeutic service, but struggled to get her head around requests others have made for sexual services, hopefully she has a lot of friends in Birmingham. I will keep posting when I find similar Thai ladies in Plymouth, I've seen quite a few over the years, the more mature like Sara have been equally nice, SOME of the younger ones I usually find are like Lada was to you, nice when you and over cash but it soon ends there, there have been a few gems though.
Good luck. Have you tried jayceeplymouth, she offers massage too, a lot more GFE but a really lovely, kind- hearted lady, she does do full on sex, but don't let that put you off as my visits are long, slow sensual sessions and I always get repeat bookings with her, I think she likes these types a lot.
If this lady is around after the weekend I'll be sure to visit as I get a good vibe about her, her comms were warm, very good and client focused.
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Offline jlike

I have contacted jaycee but she is normally booked up for about 2wks in advance and I don't tend to plan that far ahead. Tempted by DeliciousDevine who seems to be very similar and gets good reviews as well. I tend to be into more mature MILFS, late 30's to 40's really but as they say a change is as good as a rest and I occasionally go for something different. Still Lada was my first walkout and once I had calmed down, not that I was aggressive or abusive to her, it actually felt quite good in a strange way, a stand against poor service.

DD is a lovely girl, very sexual. Her looks aren't to everyone's taste, but her body is amazing. She does everything covered and she can be a bit vanilla, but she's excellent value for money, she really wants to please you and have a sexy time.

Offline Belisknor

Reading this review makes me cringe and fortunately I have never experienced a punt like this ! I have seen over 30 adult work girls and am very careful only seeing girls with lots of feedback  I also check out the clients feedback to see what sort of girls he's seen to get a better sense of whether his comments are worth listening to ( this one only has 9 in a whole year on adult work ) which isn't good, should expect triple that if she's any good plus in my experience once you cross over the £150 an hour mark you rarely get a bad service though I admit I may have just been lucky.
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