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Visited Serena recently but it was a disappointing experience for £150 an hour. I was tempted by the fact that she had reduced her prices from £200 / hr but should not have bothered. She did not have that many escort reviews on AW and had not been reviewed on here.

Arrive to find her smoking which was not mentioned on her profile. She did put her fag out but from the look of the ash tray was a bit of a chain smoker.

Sat down on the sofa for a bit of a chit chat. She sat as far away as she could so not getting great vibes. Eventually I said I would have a shower so she gave me a towel and showed me the way.

Come out and led into bedroom where we started a bit of FK. It was OK but a bit like kissing as ash tray. Gradually undressed her which was quite good.

She is a bit older than stated AW age, mid 30’s I would say, but that is to be expected. Body was in reasonable shape. Tattoo on navel.

Had oral both ways which was OK. She was not the freshest though!

She kept getting distracted by her phone and text messages which was bloody annoying.

For round 2 we had sex in mish. She was quite vocal if you like that, but just got up afterwards and dressed. Punt over even though there was still 15 mins left. Def clock watcher!

I had a shower she need to light up again. Final chat and I was on my way after about 55 mins but only about 35 mins in the bedroom.  She had successfully kept that to a minimum.

Def won’t be back. For £150 this was a waste of money. Given neutral but verging on negative given the price.

1 review(s) found for LuxxSerena linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Yes that's the one. Must learn to link! AW profile certainly is misleading in terms of impression.

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