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Author Topic: milena_69 - Raunchy Romanian - Birmingham Cape Hill  (Read 866 times)

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Offline Ming

Well I read JJJ review in which he enthused over this lady, she whetted my appetite visually so I thought why not?


9/10 Comms - quick phone call and easy set up meet

7/10 Venue - From the outside the house looks very run down and in a busy street, so felt awkward standing outside while I phoned her to be let in, this being her requirement. Once inside the place is actually ok, it's obviously been refurbed inside but not out.

9/10 Milena - The previous reviewer is spot on, very attractive lady, she greeted me wearing a skin tight body stocking, expensive hold ups and heels. The old chap was immediately pointing at her and straining to get out. The trip up the stairs following one of the firmest and cutest looking backsides I have seen in a long while almost had me coming in my pants  :angelgirl:

She asked how long I wanted (H/H £60) sorted the paperwork and she left the room while I got changed, was a little worried about the ill fitting piece of material covering the window as you can see round it and as the window was open a gentle breeze was flapping it, but by this time my boner had control of my brain.
Milena re-entered the room having stashed the cash, and stripped off the body stocking, she is very tanned and only had white bits from where the G string had been, this was actually a turn on. Her breasts are about a D cup, and this is the only slight negative, she has some stretch marks round her breasts and they are not as firm as in the pics, but nothing terrible and the rest of her body and attitude make up for this.

I wont give a blow by blow re-telling, but she is very compliant, a great and enthusiastic kisser and her oral technique, while not deep throat is sloppy and sensuous. We indulged in 69 (very tasty puss smooth with a little landing strip) cowgirl, mish, mish with her legs pushed up by her ears and doggy. She was enthusiastic and kissing throughout.

All in all a lovely lady, very fit physically and with a good attitude, the venue could be better though.


4 review(s) found for milena_69 linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Trevor12

Nice review Ming. She's on my to do list, so it's good to hear you had a good punt too.

Offline Ming

Nice review Ming. She's on my to do list, so it's good to hear you had a good punt too.

Glad to finally put something back into UKP as I had been using as a guest for some years.

Hope you enjoy, I can see her becoming very popular due to her physical attributes and attitude.

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