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Author Topic: Hot brunette Maria.  (Read 1022 times)

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Text at lunchtime and got a 5pm booking for half hour, arrived at the flat and was met by Maria dressed as requested..once the paperwork was out the way it was onto the massage table for a light fingered massage then moved onto the double bed...as said in other reviews not the prettiest looking girl but then a gain I'm no stunner myself...bodily wise very fit, nice tits and a peach of an ass....some nice  oral then onto doggy and a splash on her tits to finish..overall an enjoyable time and great VFM for £50...the only disconcerting thing was that after we finished she pulled her knickers straight back on as she informed me she had a 5.30pm...no wash in between punters ??

14 review(s) found for hot brunettee linked to in above post (14 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

 :vomit: ..... Hope you enjoyed licking the last guys splash from her tits lol

Offline pete-piper

Thankfully I am a morning guy so try and get the first punt of the day.  :thumbsup:

:vomit: ..... Hope you enjoyed licking the last guys splash from her tits lol

Fortunately I never did that...

Been thinking about seeing Maria for a while. Are her tits real? She doesn't say either way in her profile which usually means they are not.

Offline chico1000

I have seen Maria on a few occasions don't think they are real but as I am not 100%.  It might tell you it is a really good boob job. Hope this helps.
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Offline seeker

Dirty old €@₩  :(
never seen her
now never will  :thumbsdown:
it's war you know that matters ...
and we now know she doesn't bath.
In between punters :vomit:

Offline chico1000

To be fair to Maria I have seen her going to the shower while I was getting changed.
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