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Author Topic: Mimi - Honey Kisses Massage - Woolwich Arsenal  (Read 3127 times)

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I've not written a full review for some time having been away from the scene, but I hope someone finds this helpful to a small extent at least. I've added the context to help explain my rating, which I appreciate some may think generous or surprising.

A visit to 'Honey Kisses' http://www.acemassage.net/honeykisses/honeykisses.htm was pretty much a last resort after a frustrating day, but I'm awarding a neutral, as I had a reasonable time and in some ways the experience was better than I feared it may be, although perhaps not what it could have been.

On Tuesday I had the day off work and I decided to treat myself to some action, with my original choice being Adultwork's 'Sensual Antonia' for a rub and tug, to wind down after a good gym session. I texted to book at 9pm the night before and we agreed an approximate arrival time of 3/3.30, which I would confirm the next day. I texted to confirm mid morning and all was going well until I asked her to confirm that her pictures were recent and that I would be writing an adultwork review, at which point, her English appeared to become more problematic and I then received a text to say she was busy but could make 4 or after, a time I'd already said I'd be on my way by due to other commitments.

Undeterred I then tried thai_natalie_22 who I've been wanting to meet for a few weeks. Great communications by text but sadly she was not working and was thus unable to help me. Research then proved Zizzi and Christy of Invasian Escorts were on holiday - my frustration growing all the time.

As others from my hot list proved to be not working or committed I decided a parlour may be the answer and thought I'd give 'Ace Massage' a try, recognising that I was also running out of time in the day.

I called the Honey Kisses number and spoke to a female who I presumed to be the maid who told me two girls were available. I was told to call again when I got to Woolwich Arsenal station which I duly did, to be told to call again from outside Iceland. I called from here to be told to head across to the Royal Arsenal development and was literally talked to the front door. It would have been much easier to give me the address as I know the place to some extent as I nearly got an apartment there 18 months ago! I can definitely report the place feels clean and safe and the only reason I felt a little conspicuous was being on the phone.

At the door an aging asian chap met me who pointed to one of the bedroom doors where Mimi stood wearing heels and an Ann Summers 'Foxy Cheerleader' outfit. She was size 10, mid 20's cute face and lovely long hair, but certainly not the girl on the pictures. However, I didn't expect it to be. I had expected a choice of the two girls working, but someone else may have arrived since my call and as Mimi fit the bill for me I didn't argue.

I was offered full sex on the phone £90 per hour, £50 for half and as I'd wasted so much time I thought I'd take the shorter option. Mimi stripped off to reveal a nice enough body, not toned, but still attractive. I stripped to my boxers, wandered across the small room and gave her a kiss which she responded well too. Noticing I'd left my boxers on she asked if I was shy, I just winked and sucked her boobs and groped her bottom.

Mimi suggested a quick massage to relax me so I lay down and if this had been good I may have settled for hand relief as my original plans for the day had been. However it was little more than patting my back with no oil etc so I flipped myself over and started to suck Mimi's breasts and kiss her. I asked her if she was Chinese, told her she was sexy and how much I like Chinese girls and she thanked me for being polite and gentle.

Oral sex was offered and I asked for owo, which was quickly agreed at £10 extra, and after a quick wet wipe I was in her mouth. Mimi had asked me to lay down but I explained I like to kneel and things proceeded nicely with her proceeding my length nicely, allowing me to remove her hands and push myself in fairly deep. Mimi followed my instruction to suck my balls and then I rolled into 69. A few minutes sucking and fingering I was asked to not use my fingers any more and I enquired about CIM or a facial. COB was agreed and noticing the time Mimi asked if I wanted sex. I was enjoying being sucked but decided to go for it and a condom was applied via Mimi's mouth. Mimi asked about positions, but I picked her up lay her closer to me across the bed on her back and entered, making sure I felt her fit ass. I pumped away a short time but like to see my cum on a girl so pulled out fairly quick and pulled the condom off.

Whilst I'm not well hung by any means women always say that I'm a heavy shooter and most went on Mimi's belly and boobs, but some hit accidently sprayed up and hit her face and mouth. Momentarily Mimi shouted 'ugh' which made me feel a little uncomfortable, but in fairness, once I apologised a second time she was fine. I thanked her, put my clothes on and left, a little embarrassed at my mistake.

I had intended to ask to meet her co-worker on the way out but panicked a little and left. The old guy thanked me and let me out, which felt a little odd, but perhaps that's because I've not visited a place like this before. It did feel like her uncle was pimping her out as he sat there eating his noodles.....

I get very turned on by oriental girls so this worked for me and for convenience it was fine and offered reasonable value for money. I took a chance on an unseen girl, guessing it was likely that I'd find the girl attractive. Whilst it was annoying it wasn't the cuties in the pictures was it ever going to be?

I'd return if I had such an unlucky day again and perhaps be more confident in asking for a choice in case there was one.

photos are definitely fake, so potentially this is a b&s.

saw their profiles on a chat app and didnt bother to go coz its too damn far.

glad you had a good time after all.

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