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9 review(s) for Escort Nadia (4 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

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My first ever punt...

I've been toying with the idea of punting for 12 months and finally took the plunge. I narrowed it down to a few WGs that were near where I work. To be honest Nadia was my 3rd choice but I was having problems getting replies from the others. I text Nadia and asked if she was free and within 1 minute I had a booking! Her comms were actually really good. I made it clear I was new and nervous, she assured me it would be fine.

I arrived a few minutes late due to difficulty finding a parking space. I text her to tell her I'd arrived and I had an instant text back with the apartment number. She also said I could park on the driveway outside but there was no way I was doing that so I had to walk about 500 yards to get there. From the outside the appartment looked a bit run down but that didn't really bother me. I had to ring the bell 3 times before the door opened, this annoyed me a bit, being new I was nervous enough without standing outside for ages next to a busy road! When the door opened there was nobody there which confused me (remember I'm new and don't know what I'm doing) then I realised she was hiding behind the door, I stepped in and the door was quickly shut behind me. I can't really remember what was said but she was wearing a long cardigan so nothing was on show yet. After a few pleasantries I followed her upstairs. The apartment was a lot better on the inside than the outside.

Nadia didn't blow me away with her looks but she was attractive. Her photos on AW are definitely photoshopped but she had a very nice slim figure. She claims to be 25 but she's probably more like 30. Her skin was really tanned and she had some very nice tatoos. I had no complaints.

She barely said a word to me as she doesn't speak good English. I explained again I was really nervous but I don't think she really understood or she wasn't bothered. She took the cash and then started FK, I could tell she smoked but it wasn't overpowering. At this point I realised she didn't offer me a shower, which I assumed they all do? I was clean anyway but she didn't know that. The FK was a little awkward because she was waiting for me to take control, whereas I wanted her to take the lead really, after a few minutes of touching and tame groping, she undressed me and then took her own bra off. I was starting to relax and got a bit more confident so started sucking on her tits. Her tits where probably the worst part of her body, they were quite small and droopy, but this didn't bother me too much.

Once we were both naked the nerves had gone, she started sucking my nipples and then worked her way down slowly kissing my chest and belly. I actually really enjoyed this and it made me rock hard. She finally got to my cock and gave me OWO. This was brilliant (although I don't have much to compare to), she uses her tongue really well and sucked all the way down the shaft with the occasional ball sucking. After a while I asked for 69. Her pussy was clean and tasted great, although her butt had been poorly bleached and looked a bit odd. After about 5 minutes she stopped. Then I noticed she'd put the condom on.. I'm pretty sure she put it on with her mouth but didn't even notice... I guess oral's over then.

She climbed on top for cowgirl, which was good followed by doggy. I banged her for what seemed like ages but couldn't cum. She didn't really make the right noises which made me think she probably wasn't enjoying it and made me lose my focus a bit. After a while she warned me I only had 4 minutes left so I asked for more OWO. This time her on her knees. I finally finished with CIM.

After a quick wipe up and a bit of small talk I was dressed and followed her back down the stairs. At this point I heard what could only be described as heckling from a room near the front door. I don't know exactly what was said but it was definitely aimed at me and there was a lot of laughing. Nadia apologied with a smirk on her face. I pretended I found it funny but I really didn't.

Overrall, I was pleased to get my first punt out of the way and I did enjoy most of it. Nadia is an attractive lady with a very nice figure although her tits do let her down. She gives great oral but don't expect too much chatter. Her comms via text were excellent. The other people in the apartment was a big negative for me so I don't think I will go back.

9 review(s) found for Escort Nadia linked to in above post (4 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline dboy74

Sorry to hear your first punt was not what you hoped.

Thank you though for an excellent review.

Did you look at the Midlands reviews on UKP before making your short list?

I read reviews on Nadia and i knew she didnt speak much English, this didnt bother me too much but i hoped she would pounce on me and take the lead but that didnt really happen.

Maybe my review came across a little more negative than I wanted. Overrall is was good and a lot of the awkward moments were caused by me being out of my comfort zone. Nadia wasn't really the issue and I would recommend her as long as you understand she won't (or can't ) talk to you and you have to make the moves, which most punter probably would anyway.

Offline dboy74

It might be worth considering a British WG for next time to assist with language barrier until you are more confident.

This WG was highly recommended to me. She is usually based in Stafford but tours Birmingham frequently.


I am sure others will make some recommendations as well of decent British WGs and EEs that speak good English.

Good luck for future punts  :thumbsup:

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Cheers dboy, I think you're right about sticking with English for now.

Offline Simon S

Mirrors my experience. Very average, only the excellent OWO stopped it being a negative.
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Offline toby2

I have been a regular of Nadia's for about 9 months. I try to see her twice per week when she is in the uk. She returns to her family in Hungry every two weeks. She is one of the best value punts I have ever had, undervaluing herself at £50 for h/h. I always give her £60.

Communication is excellent, by text. She doesn't do this herself but it is done by her friend Vanda.
I find her absolutely adorable, beautiful face and a body to die for. You can tell that she looks after her body with regular exercise. She is slightly older than quoted on aw. Small boobs with pert nipples.

As for her performance. She is a passionate kisser, fantastic blow jobs with cim, and very enthusiastic sex but she doesn't like her feet licked, it drives her mad.  The effort she puts into every session is second to non. Her English is weak but she understands what you are saying to her. She finds it difficult to explain things back to you so she appears to be a quiet girl. Give her time/patience and you can have very good conversation with her.

I have got to know Nadia very well indeed, having seen her 30+ times. I always look forward to her return from Hungry (she is there at the moment). Treat her well and she will give you a fantastic time.


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9 review(s) found for Escort Nadia linked to in above post (4 positive, 3 neutral, 2 negative)

How close to the main road is Nadia? I like the look of her but I'm local.

 Will it be best to go when dark?

Offline Bigjohn

Her place is right on the junction of several main roads, near to the big Tesco.
So, as you are local, a visit after dark may be wise.
Alternatively, look elsewhere. There's better girls available.

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