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Author Topic: B&S/profile share: Booked Seductive Tiffany, but got @Sunnybaby, Golders Green  (Read 599 times)

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Offline Cunning Punt

Called Seductive Tiffany's number
https://www.adultwork.com/2896403 or https://www.adultwork.com/Seductive%2ETiffany
and thought I was going to shag her:

but when I got to the house, I actually got her:

https://www.adultwork.com/3055586 or https://www.adultwork.com/%40sunnybaby%40

Jesus Jones gave an excellent, damning review of Sunny a couple of weeks ago, which pretty much sums her up.

Unlike me, he had the sense to only book half an hour and somehow managed to not only get FK out of her, but OWO included after he refused to pay the £10 extra.
She flatly refused to let me kiss her anywhere near her mouth and I paid £10 extra for OWO.

In a nutshell: She's only worth a pump and dump if you happen to be in Golders Green. Not a great service. AVOID!

After seeing SamLP's post about JuicyCathryn, now known as Wild Judy in Harrow on the Hill, returning, I had hoped to have seen her.
But the maid wouldn't let me book in advance, only 30mins before I would be able to come. Unfortunately, I live some distance from Harrow and when I did call less than 30 mins away, she was not available for another 2 hours.

In preparation for this eventuality, I had stored phone numbers of several WGs in the NW London area who had their green light (perhaps it should be a red light) showing for today - for Plans B-G.

So while ensconced in the Waitrose car park in South Harrow - and with the raging horn on a hot day - I was not going to give up and drive a good hour back home and have a wank, so tried a couple of numbers for local girls, but no answer. I then decided to try farther afield.

I'd seen Seductive Tiffany was 'available today' and seen Don's glowing review of her and, though her prices had been put up from £80-£100, but that was okay - and it said it was her last day. Good, get her before she goes on holiday I thought.
Sadly, with hindsight, it seems her last day was yesterday or even before and she was probably back in Hungary.

Given her own poor reputation, she is clearly using a respected WG's profile while the latter's on holiday (I see she's put her £80 price a top) and she's trying to fool punters - earlier today it said "I've got a new haircut" ie hoping punters won't tell the difference in the two girls!
Once I'd paid, of course, she admitted her name was Sunny and she had a rating of 3.

Golders Green wasn't far away, so I called the number I had and I the girl, who could have been Sunny or a maid. It was shortly after 3pm, she was free at 6pm. Perfect, I thought. Time to go to the RAF Museum en route and Golders Green was 3 miles from there. Post code was texted straight away and I called to confirm an hour in advance, as requested.
Turned up at the road fine - plenty of off-street parking and called for house number.

As I was approaching the house, there was a bloke in cycling gear wheeling his bike out from the house and a youngish chap on his mobile (I was given instructions to walk round the side of the house down to the patio door).

Punters, I thought.
However, Sunny was cautious about me being seen and said it was her first day there, so those chaps may well have been house sharers, rather than punters, hence her awkwardness.

Sunny was clearly not Tiffany, but having got that far and with few other options, I did not want to walk. She is fairly attractive but does have a shaved head on the sides.

1hr (nearer 45mins) @ £90 (£80+£10 for OWO)
I was considering only staying for half an hour but she said an hour was £80 and said "BJ without condom" was £10 extra, which I paid.

The meeting:
Had shower before (nice en suite bathroom with good shower).

Came out to her texting.

She went straight for the blow job, which is often a sign that a girl doesn't want to kiss.
When I pressed her on this, she said, angrily: "I don't kiss. Didn't you read my profile?!"

She also said CIM was extra £30, which I wasn't going to pay.
Again: "Didn't you read my profile?!"
She also was going about how her feedback should have been 4, but was 3, because someone hadn't read the profile either and given her a negative (her English wasn't good enough to explain this, but I worked it out).

No, I didn't read YOUR profile, I said, because the one you're hijacking is not actually YOUR profile, is it. And it's NOT you in the pictures.
She insisted it was and, with retrospect, I should have said this before I handed the money over, but this stage I just wanted a shag so let it pass and let her suck my cock.

This was very good, but, much as Jesus before me (that sounds wrong and blasphemous), I had to stop her because I was about to pop and didn't want to have an argument with £30extra there.

She did let me kiss her breasts and I then had a prolonged oral session on her, during which she got very wet before having an orgasm, and was at least appreciative and complimentary.

She might have even said "thank you" but I could be wrong.

Sex in cowgirl was quite enjoyable and her skills were reasonable, but little eye contact. Even with a thick condom, I popped quicker than I would have hoped, it being a hot day and not have sex for over a week.

I noticed it was pretty much exactly half and hour and wished that was all I'd paid for.

It was also clear, with her odd laughing and mannerisms, that she is as mad as a box of frogs.

Sunny then gives me a couple of wet wipes and leaves me to clean up, while she goes and texts some of her next clients.  :thumbsdown: in the room and then went for a piss. I heard the sink running, but not the shower. :thumbsdown:

On her return, she says, as more a statement of fact than a question, "do you want a massage?"
There followed a fairly half-hearted massage, during which she yawned a bit and complained how little sleep she had had.
I usually like a chat but not here; I really wasn't interested in her.

When she got bored of that, she said, again as a statement of fact, "do you want a shower, or not?", effectively trying to get me out of the door, even though there was still a good 20mins left. Some owo and at least an attempt at round 2, despite my age, would have been nice.

However, at this stage, I was fine with going - and hearing her have a piss and then not showering had put me off going near her pussy again anyway.
I was at least going to have a long shower in my time, though.
When I got out of the shower she was still in the room, talking on the phone to the next poor sod.

I just wanted to get out of there, but the troublesome patio door  :dash: kept me in there for a couple of minutes longer before I could escape.

-Not the girl in the profile I called
-No FK
-Not an ideal house for accepting "gentlemen callers"
-Wants to get you out of the door / no willingness to do a second round
-Expensive for her service at £80, even without the £10 OWO or £30 for CIM
-Communicating with punters during the punt with me - and flagrantly
-Poor English
-Was clearly tired and lacked energy
-Half-hearted massage
-Rather odd, uninteresting girl with few social skills

-Nice shower
-She is actually fairly attractive and cute in a petite way - as long as you can get over the shaved sides of her head
-OWO was pretty good
-She is responsive to oral.

I rarely get a girl that wet, so at least this was a morale boost, as was her verdict, with a smile, that I was "very good" - a step up from the non-committal "above average, I suppose" from one girl the other week.
However, at £90 for a quick shag, a half-hearted massage and two showers, I felt a bit short-changed. Given I'd done all the work, it was her who should have been paying me.

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