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Author Topic: Hot-Emilly Adultwork #2989443. Cambridge  (Read 1001 times)

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Hot-Emilly https://www.adultwork.com/2989443 or https://www.adultwork.com/Hot%2DEmilly 

I met Emilly recently for a 30 minute punt which cost me £70 and as strange as it might sound during my session with this girl I didn't have time to check out a number of ordinary services such as blowjob and handjob. That because I chose to spent almost the entire time on sex and reverse oral. I give her a positive just for her good performance on these two services. If and when I meet this Romanian girl again I might update this review with further information related to the services I didn't request but at the moment the following is the only information I can provide.

Location --- 7/10
+ Central location in CB1.
+ House in good state with a comfortable bedroom.
Not the most discreet entrance.
Bed was a bit squeaky but nonetheless sturdy enough.

Side note Emilly previously worked in Watford and she recently started over in Cambridge. Worth mentioning that unlike most girls in Cambridge Emilly won't be in the town just for a short time as a touring girl but she will stay for a long period. Her flatmate is Horny-Meena Adultwork #3103845 who I haven't met or seen but is referenced in Emilly's profile as being available for duos.

Comms --- 6/10
+ OK comms. She gave her postcode when I asked and then directions once I arrived at the place. I spoke to Emilly directly and there was no pimp. I would hazard to say that she is independent.
x Reluctant to confirm services over the phone, saying she provides everything on the list which was a lie anyway as when I pressed for an answer the day before she said that OWO and FK are for her regulars which translates as 'completely off the menu'. I should say that as I have been considering meeting her for a few days I had communication with her on 3 separate occasions (although she didn't figure out the link between texts/call). On the third/final occasion I simply called just to arrange the booking having already coming in terms with the idea that OWO and FK won't be provided.

Physical --- 8/10
+ The photos are genuine and non-retouched. Some of them though are not so recent (presumably taken from her previous profile). The are recent pictures though and they provide a very accurate representation both about Emily's body and face. In the following link you can find 4 of these recent photos http://imgur.com/a/EGES4
+ She is 25 years old as stated in the profile.
+ Facially pretty. http://imgur.com/a/EGES4#2
+ Dress size 10 stated on her profile seems about right. She is slim although she could lose a few pounds and work out to become more toned like she appeared to be in her older pictures. Nonetheless she is as shown in the linked recent photos above.
+ Nice rear view and lovely cup B boobs.
+ She is a tall woman with an Amazonian figure and an imposing stature, almost intimidating. I feel she can have good success as a dominatrix. As for her exact height she told me she is 5 feet 10 inches when I asked her and although I didn't check by comparing with my own height as I was laid down when I asked my impression is that she is actually taller. Perhaps 5 feet 11 inches.  I also saw her outside her flat and I can say she does stand out amongst other women in the crowd (after the end of our session I went to a nearby shop and a few minutes later I saw her entering the opposite one). She is eye catching for sure!
She has slightly large labia minora.
She has a few tattoos (as shown in the pics).
x For a woman she has huge feet. I reckon shoe size 11 or so, no way shoe size 7 as stated on the profile. You can see her feet in the pictures too.

Experience --- 7/10
+ Her various noises and reactions of pleasure. She was quite engaged throughout the session, gave the impression she wanted to cum and eventually came. Fake? Even if it was it was a great acting performance nonetheless. She mauled my face with her pussy during reverse oral pushing my face where she wanted more stimulation and when she came she tightened up her thighs squeezing my face.
+ Sex was great. Again convincingly genuine moaning. She wanted to derive pleasure and even when I was on top in missionary she was pounding her pussy upwards in reverse fucking style. Girl on top was well performed too. I also had her doggy, prone and in the cross/spoons.
+ Friendly girl although with a rather dominant side wanting to be in charge.
+ At the beginning she offered a brief 2-3 minute massage which was good for relaxing.
+ She played nicely with my balls during mutual masturbation. I was wanking with one hand and playing with her clitoris with the other while she was playing with my balls with her one hand and fingering her pussy with the other.
+ No clock watching. Time went over. When I finally came (overtime) I was going to hastily dress up and leave but she told me ‘no, take you time. It’s Ok to go 5 minutes overtime, I won't rush you. I am not that type of girl.” She also served me a drink at the end and in total the meeting lasted 37 minutes.
+ No time-wasting. A good 20 minutes of shagging, about 10 minutes reverse oral or mutual masturbation and 2-3 massage.
+ She was clean and her pussy tasted nicely when I licked it. 
No fingering allowed.
Her English is just conversational.
x Before payment I asked once again about services, namely FK and OWO. And again she answered ‘what's on the list’.
x I would extend to an hour after the passage of 5 minutes but when I paid I asked about this scenario and she said in case I extend it would cost me another £70 instead of another £40 (her price for 1 hour is £110) so I didn’t request for extension.
x No kissing. It was only kissing on the lips and since I could see she doesn't want to kiss I didn't attempt more times. To be fair FK is not listed on her enjoys list.
x She is a smoker.

Final words
For sex without French kissing it is perhaps as passionate as it gets. If FK, OWO and CIM are not absolutely essential to you then I can recommend her. Good looks, Amazonian figure, good attitude, great sex, no clock-watching, decent place. But if FK/OWO are essential to you then better look elsewhere.

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Offline socks

A bit much to take in but we'll done on such a thorough and informative review :thumbsup:

The pictures you linked on imgur are excellent especially the first two, where she looks fucking stunning! Her feet do look extraordinarily large though, not sure if that's good or bad? Any foot fetishists care to advise?

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