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Author Topic: BRUNA NAUGHTY - St John's Wood  (Read 551 times)

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Offline doobes

https://www.adultwork.com/2974551 or https://www.adultwork.com/BRUNA+NAUGHTY

Paid £60 for half an hour.

Comms by text and phone on arrival for the flat number. Text responses contained address and confirmation of time but with no response to my query on extras. Based on my previous visit to see Melissa at this location I figured OWO would be extra which I'm fine with.

Let in by Melissa herself who seemed to be handling comms and shown into the room where Bruna was waiting in her lingerie. Bruna is young and may very well be of Brazilian/Indian heritage. Her AW photos are a little generous, she's not that fit but those breasts are hers. Sports a large tattoo across her lower back and another on her glute which have been photoshopped out.

After the introductions it turns out FK is an extra £10. I should have politely declined and walked but it was late in the day and I pressed ahead.

Like my previous session with her flatmate, she started off by turning around and grinding into my groin while taking off her bra.

Then onto the bed where she suggested a massage. I usually decline in thirty minute sessions but with no FK I thought I'd make the most of it. It's a decent enough massage with lotion.

Eventually turned over. Bruna is another that tries to put the rubber on while not fully erect which does not help things.

Eventually I'm up and she jumps straight on and into reverse cowgirl. Then switched into doggy with her knees between mine. Lastly into mish. Vocal encouragement throughout.

If I hadn't opted for the massage it would have pretty much been wham bam thank you maam. She runs through the routine and your out. So if you're looking to get a load away with a young Brazilian WG then perhaps Bruna is for you. But for me, her service and rates just aren't competitive enough.
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