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Author Topic: Stacey touring Cambridge  (Read 508 times)

Offline The happy one

well, this is one hell of a big fat positive from me.

nice hotel just outside town

she opened the door in a little tutu a basque stockings and heels and looked killer. Amazing body hair shining and pretty face

had a great snog she was happy with a little tongue play

all the while running my hands over her butt and rubbibg her pussy at which poing I had my first treat. crotchless knickers and a nice bum to play with and a pussy juicing my lovely.

money over with a few more min kissing and feeling each other up when she sank to her knees eased my trousers down and started to blow me

she was happy to be guided and face fucked although I was gentle

stripped off into a 69 a well looked after pretty pussy all smelling fresh

got her head over the end of the bed and face fucked some more

she takes down quite well with lots of gagging and droll

on with mac and then fucked in a few positions beofe the best bit

I dont know what its called but she was on top and leaning away from me feet by my ribs supporting herself on her arms between my kness sliding back and forth on my cock giving me the best view ever. and a perfect angel to get some of the hottest video I have shot

was able to turn the viewer round so she could watch and she seemed to get off with that

first load gone

rest chat drink me in an armchair then told her to get on her knees and suck me hard again

once hard some doggy before I asked about anal she said yes.

lub up and in i went guided by her

a few min like that with her in doggy before I asked if we could try the cowgirl leaning anal

she was straight there and guded me balls deep all the time watching on the video. what was great that as she was watching she was trying different things to see what it looked like

this carried on for a while before i got her leaning straight on to the bed feet on the floor and really fucked her butt with her telling me how great my cock felt buried deep in her arse and she was such a slut for taking my cock in her arse

load two blew

missed out the toy show and when i was fucking her butt the first time using the toy in her pussy

cleaned up a chat and wow what a great hour


she is very slim with a pretty face her photos are true
does what she says she does and seems to really enjoy it and makes sure your enjoying it
ready to try anything once
great body


no 30 min booking even 90 min or 2  1/2
easy comms via adultwork email with a call with the room number but i like to have a number incase there is a problem
deepthroat although she really let me push in deep she struggled so anyone slightly large or has width she is game but dont expect balls deep
trying to think of any reason why I would not go back or send someone to her and I can not

www.adultwork.com/2919256 or https://www.adultwork.com/S+T+A+C+E+Y

Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

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Offline socks

Great review... you lucky bastard!!! Not noticed her before probably because she tours around. But that's a hot list addition, so thank you sir. I hope to see, film and review her myself sometime soon :thumbsup:

Offline The happy one

I was 50/50 about meeting up with her as she has not got great feedback here. But I had tried to meet her before and I was the one who could not get away from work so part of me wanted to go

and I am so pleased that I did

If she offered 30 min then I would have popped in again today as that was all the time I could have spared

but I will look forward to catching up with her another time
Banning reason: Suspected pimp involved in organizing parties

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